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McKinney, Texas Gets Even Cuter With Tiny Door Public Art

50 doors can be found throughout downtown

Downtown McKinney is cute. But it's even more adorable now thanks to a new art installation: Tiny Doors. 

The brand new installment brings 50 unique and colorful doors throughout downtown McKinney — each door containing its own captivating fine art. The Tiny Doors exhibit is a unique and creative public art project that captures the imagination of people of all ages. 

This project features miniature, 7-inch doors installed in various locations around the city’s downtown, each reflecting the spirit and unique elements of the surrounding community. The miniature doors are detailed and include different elements such as mailboxes, flower pots, windows and other realistic features. 

The doors were placed on buildings on Aug. 21 and 22, 2023 and will be a permanent fixture downtown. 

But the festivities don't end with the installation. On Aug. 25, a reception will be held at the McKinney Performing Arts Center, offering a chance for art enthusiasts and curious community members to gather and celebrate the culmination of this artistic endeavor. The reception promises to be a hub of artistic discourse and an opportunity to delve deeper into the inspiration behind each door.

The Tiny Doors project transcends the conventional boundaries of art galleries and museums by bringing art into the open, vibrant streets of Downtown McKinney. The doors become a part of the city's fabric, seamlessly blending creativity with the urban environment.

But this initiative isn't just about art; it's about fostering a sense of unity and pride within the community. As visitors and residents explore the miniature doors, they're invited to see their city through new artistic eyes, to appreciate the creativity that thrives within their own neighborhood and to revel in the joy that public art can bring. 

The doors can be seen throughout the many streets downtown in a scavenger hunt-like experience.