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Report: Frisco’s Arts Industry Brings In $21.3M In 2022

The arts and culture scene retains locals and brings visitors from other communities

The city of Frisco just released the results of the Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 study, which showed the impact of the city’s arts industry. 

In 2022, arts and culture organizations contributed $4.5 million to spending, with audiences adding $16.8 million in event-related expenses. These nonprofit entities function as businesses, employing locals, procuring supplies and services from nearby establishments and actively promoting their cities and regions. 

“The renaissance era in Frisco is much more than creativity — it’s an economic powerhouse,” Frisco City Councilwoman Tammy Meinershagen said in a statement. “In 2022 alone, arts activities in Frisco brought in a staggering $21.3 million, supporting 374 jobs, providing $13.5 million in personal income and generating $3.7 million in tax revenue. It’s clear — the arts mean business in Frisco!”

According to the study, the dynamic arts and culture scene retains local residents, along with their discretionary spending, within the community. When surveyed about their plans if the event they attended hadn't been an option, 46.1% of attendees residing in Collin and Denton Counties expressed they would have “traveled to a different community to attend a similar arts or cultural activity.”

Arts and culture significantly boost commerce for local businesses. When individuals attend cultural events, they often extend their outings by dining at restaurants, paying for parking or public transport or indulging in dessert post-show. On average, attendees in the city of Frisco spend $40.23 per person per event.

The arts also play a pivotal role in fortifying the visitor economy. In Frisco, nonlocal visitors spend an average of $69.28 — 83.5% of nonlocal attendees cited attending the performance, event, exhibit, venue or facility as the primary reason for their visit.

The study also found that 90.6% of arts and culture attendees agree that the activity or venue “is inspiring a sense of pride in this neighborhood or community.”

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