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Taylor Swift Skate Night At Dallas Galleria

Lace up your skates on on Saturday, April 1
Photo: Brian Friedman | Shutterstock

Seeing Taylor Swift in concert is great, sure. But if you didn’t get tickets, shake it off! Galleria Dallas is hosting a Taylor Swift-themed skate night at its skate rink.

That means, according to Preston Hollow Advocate,  you can enjoy skating while listening to a Taylor playlist. It’ll be all Taylor, all the time, but on ice! You can even wear your favorite Taylor Swift merch or outfits to the rink and have some fun. Galleria Dallas knows her fans all too well. And bring a friend, because two are better than one. 

Also, all skaters will be given a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses similar to the ones Taylor wore in the “22” music video. There will also be floral installations over the rink so you can enjoy skating underneath the cascade of 375 blooms.

Taylor Swift Skate Night isn't the first themed skate night this year: ”Galentine’s Skate Night” was held last month to celebrate Valentine's Day. Taylor Swift Skate Night is just one of many themed skate nights going to happen this year. But for her fans, this will be the one. 

Tickets are $12 each and $5 for the skate rental. Tickets can be purchased online.

Taylor Swift Skate Night will take place on Saturday, April 1 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Galleria Ice Skating Center.

For further information on the events and other events check out the Galleria website.

Galleria Dallas is having interesting events every month. This month it is exhibiting cookie box creations created by local architects and engineers with girl scouts’ cookie boxes. The exhibition is until  March 26 on the first floor near Sephora.

Taylor Swift is now on tour and will play at AT&T Stadium in Arlington from March 31 to April 2. All tickets were sold out immediately. It was five years ago since she last went on tour.