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TexaKona Coffee Opens in McKinney, Texas

The music-themed coffee shop is music to our ears
Photo: Sarah Hornstein | Local Profile

TexaKona Coffee Roasters just opened their music-themed coffee shop. With 107 drinks, a full food menu and a to-go fridge, there is no end of options. From frosted lemonades to power refreshers to Americanos, head barista and co-owner Patrick Tate wanted to ensure they had it all. 

“Younger clientele isn’t into coffee as much as the energy drinks, so there’s something for everyone here,” Tate told Local Profile.  

One hundred and seven drinks may seem a lot to sort through, but every drink is sorted into hot, cold and frozen. All are listed on several customized vinyl displays on the wall opposite the counter. Each vinyl cover has the greatest hits list, which is the most popular drinks on that menu, then lists all the drinks on the backside as a tracklist. While 100 drinks are on the vinyl menus, the seven left are hidden in hints around the TexaKona Coffee Museum, which inhabits the suite across the hall from the shop in the Flour Mill.  

The drinks are all named after songs. For example, names include livin’ la vida mocha, espresso yourself, peachy young thing and sweet caramel Caroline.  

Photo: Sarah Hornstein | Local Profile

Even the sitting area is music themed, with each section representing a different decade of music from the ‘50s all the way up to the ‘90s. Several murals of great artists, an Art Deco coffee poster and a collectible Elvis doll grace the walls. Even the chairs and sofas are from each time period.  

The pandemic-related delays helped the shop’s creativity, though. “We were able to come up with even more music-themed items and ideas,” Tate said.

The grand opening was this Saturday, during Oktoberfest on the square.  

You can find this shop in the Flour Mill, across from downtown McKinney and the site of the future McKinney City Hall. They face the construction site of Tupps Brewery’s new building.