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Celebrity Chef Tiffany Derry To Judge In New PBS Food Show

Top Chef fan favorite Tiffany Derry is one of the judges in "The Great American Recipe", premiering on June 24
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Tiffany Derry. Screenshot | PBS Website

Although professional chefs today have turned the art into a science, homemade food and family recipes have kept their unique, sometimes outright weird but lovely, flavor combinations. And recipes are passed on from one generation to the next, perfected over time. After all, there's no food like momma's.

As noted by Axios Dallas, this is what PBS' new show "The Great American Recipe", premiering on June 24, is all about. Competitors from all over America will share their secret family recipes and the creativity, emotion, and stories behind them.

Tiffany Derry talks about her cooking hero: her mom. Screenshot | PBS Website

The network defined the eight-episode show as a celebration of "the multiculturalism that makes American food unique and iconic" so adding Texas-based celebrity chef Tiffany Derry to the judges was a no-brainer.

Even though she's professionally trained, Tiffany's cooking style is based on nostalgia. In her restaurant Roots Chicken Shak, you'll find dishes inspired by her southern farm upbringing. "For me, my culinary icon is my mom," she says "she would taste something and then come home and cook it. And I love that as a young girl I was able to experience different types of cuisine."

Tiffany Derry, Alejandra Ramos, and Graham Elliot.
Tiffany Derry, Alejandra Ramos, and Graham Elliot approach the participants. Screenshot | PBS Website

Tiffany will be joined by her co-judges, chef, author and Top Chef competitor Leah Cohen and former Master Chef judge, Graham Elliot, and host Alejandra Ramos, renowned chef, author, and TV host. Together they'll encourage and support the contestants with their culinary expertise and insights.

All recipes will be compiled in "The Great American Recipe Cookbook" with the winner on the front cover, but you can access recipes featured on the show right now on their website, so you can cook along with the participants as the episodes are released.

This promises to be a wholesome, creative, and joyful cooking show filled with stories and flavors you won't want to miss.