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José Eber talks the importance of inner beauty and confidence

Located in West Plano Village, José Eber Salon offers a variety of services to make you look and feel like one of Hollywood’s elite.
Jose Eber
From left: Naomi Pessy, Loane Pessy, José Eber and Alban Pessy | Photo credit: William Bichara

Located in West Plano Village, José Eber Salon offers a variety of services to make you look and feel like one of Hollywood’s elite. Owned by longtime celebrity stylist Jose Eber, his namesake salon is committed to helping each client express their best features.

Born and raised in France, Eber first came to the United States to set up shop in California “long, long ago,” according to him. He doesn’t give an exact time frame because “we’re young forever, right?”

“For some reason, I kept getting exposed to Texans who were coming to California from Texas,” Eber recalls. “I found that people from Texas were quite amazing.”

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Eber later relocated to Dallas, where he set up another shop. When he was first asked to open a salon in Plano, he had never heard of the city. Now, with Plano holding the store’s sole north Texas location, Eber is proud to operate from the city.”

“There’s a gentleness and warmth to this city that I love,” Eber says. “That’s the main reason I left France; the people just aren’t as warm as I’d like for them to be. Southern hospitality is not made-up, it’s a fact. I’d never want to operate in a place where I’m not happy.”

Eber first got into hair design at the age of 14, when he’d help style the hair of his friends and family.

“My father was not into it,” Eber recalls. “He hated the idea that I’d become a hairdresser. Back then, having a guy become a hairdresser was very unusual.”

Over time, Eber has built an impressive list of clients, including Barbra Streisand, Meg Ryan and Farrah Fawcett. Still, no matter whose hair he designs, Eber is constantly fulfilled by his work.

“I didn’t choose hair design,” Eber says. “I was chosen. When you work hard and have some kind of talent, you will succeed. To this day, I never feel like what I do is work. My whole social life is in the salon. I don’t even have to go to parties at night because the salon is where all of the action is.”

A look at José Eber Salon in Plano | Photo credit: Stephen Walsh

José Eber Salon offers haircuts, coloring services, extensions, keratin treatments and more. Eber believes that the key to constantly maintain positive morale and customer satisfaction is to approach each client with confidence.

“I never say one bad thing about anybody,” Eber says. “I tell them what I love about them and talk about what changes they can make to accentuate their best features. You have to compliment people. You have to remind them how great they are, without sounding like you’re full of s**t, because people can see right through it. When you’re confident in how you deliver the message, they trust you.”

Part of Eber’s mission is to help each client bring their vision to life. 

“When a client comes in for the first time, it’s not a good thing to ask her ‘What do you want,” Eber says. “The reason they come is to see what you can do for them.”

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While his salon offers a variety of beauty and aesthetic services, Eber’s ultimate mission is to help each customer feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside.

“When you feel good from within,” Eber says, “You’ve got it made.”

José Eber

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