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Sandi Arensman talks business and beauty

Image courtesy of Sandi Arensman From a young age, beauty and haircare have been a part of Sandi Arensman's life.
Image courtesy of Sandi Arensman

From a young age, beauty and haircare have been a part of Sandi Arensman's life. Having traveled to various parts of the world, Arensman has worked with hair of all types and has been able to use her experiences in her own boutique salon, Hair by Arensman, in Plano.

Arensman grew up in Kansas, where she competed in beauty pageants as a child.

"When I started doing beauty pageants, I was not allowed to have other people help me dress or do my hair," Arensman recalls. "I just started doing it myself, realized I loved it and proceeded from there.”

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After receiving degrees in Fashion Merchandising and Cosmeotology from Dodge City Community College, Arensman later went on to style hair for models for New York Fashion Week.

"I got involved with hair so that I could see the world," Arensman says, recalling on her travels to The Hamptons, Holland, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom. During her travels, Arensman became familiar with both the business and scientific side of hair care.

“Three of my mentors had a Chemistry degree,” Arensman says. "I later got into testing in labs and working in test salons."

With the skills she acquired, Arensman was later able to work for Procter & Gamble, L'oreal and Sally Beauty Holdings LLC, where she worked as the lead colorist within educational department, in addition to working hand in hand with sales representatives.

For the past 27 years, Arensman has been her sole proprietor. Apart from owning her own Plano storefront, Arensman has done hair for movie actors, manufacturers, as well as stage work in hair shows, both foreign and domestic. She also sells a catalog of professional hair care products which can be purchased exclusively in her salon.

As a woman and a business owner, Arensman believes that women who aspire to own their own businesses need to form connections with multiple mentors when they start off.

"Talk to a banker, talk to an accountant, talk to people in their 60s, 50s, then work your way back down to younger people," Arensman says. "As a business owner, you must believe in yourself, love your craft, and want to help your clients feel awesome by just seeing you constantly stay abreast of new trends in your industry."

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Arensman also advises that aspiring business owners contact a commercial realtor to help select a prime location that can support their company's success.

“Yes, it may be cheaper to rent or own in a certain area," Arensman says, "but that usually indicates that there’s not enough money to accrue in that area.”

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