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Frisco Has Second Biggest Gender Pay Gap In America, Study Finds

Frisco men, on average, were found to earn $39,859 more than their female counterparts
Photo: Andrey_Popov | Shutterstock

A new study has discovered that Frisco, Texas is the city with the second-largest gender pay gap in the U.S.

According to the small business information website Chamber of Commerce, who conducted the study, the median earnings of men in Frisco was found to be $111,458, while the average salary of women in the Texas city is $71,599. This means that men in Frisco, on average, earn $39,859 more than their female counterparts.

Frisco's $39,859 pay gap was much higher than the average gender pay gap in America as a whole, which was determined to be $11,165 — a difference of just under $29,000.

The U.S. city with the largest gender pay gap was Sunnyvale, California with a discrepancy of $40,584, which was only $725 more than Frisco's average total. This shows that the North Texas city was not too far off from finding itself in the top spot this year.

Frisco was not the only Texas city to find itself a spot on the list though.

McKinney made it into the top five (fifth overall) by sporting a pay gap of $29,015. Also making appearances on the list were Plano (12th biggest pay gap, $20,736), Austin (13th, $20,516), Pasadena (25th, $14,745), Lubbock (30th, $14,127) and Fort Worth (45th, $11,800).

According to Chamber of Commerce, the pay difference between men and women in Frisco is even more exacerbated when degrees are involved.

Frisco men with bachelor's degrees were found to have earned $123,775 on average, while women with the same academic accomplishments made $57,389.

The $66,386 gender pay gap between Frisco residents with college/university degrees was by far the largest on the list — over $14,000 higher than second-place Cary, North Carolina ($52,178).

On the positive side, Texas as a whole was found to have a below-average pay difference between men and women when compared to the rest of the states in America.

Texas ranked 29th out of 50 states, with an average salary difference of $10,707 — just under $500 less than the U.S. state average.

To view the study in full, head over to the Chamber of Commerce website.