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La La Land Kind Cafe Potentially Opening A Location In Plano, Texas

A project filing indicates that the cafe is planning to open in Plano in fall 2023
Pictured is The La La Land Kind Cafe in Santa Monica. Photo: fivetonine | Shutterstock

Texas coffee shop La La Land Kind Cafe could potentially open up a new location in Plano in the future.

According to news publication What Now Dallas, a project filing indicates that the cafe is planning to open a storefront at Plano's Preston Park Colonnade in the fall of 2023.

La La Land Kind Cafe is an organic coffee shop that offers customers a vast selection of different drinks, including coffees, teas, matcha beverages and various lattes.

The cafe also has an assortment of delectable food items for consumers to eat as well. Among the food options includes avocado toast, hazelnut toast, chia seed pudding and overnight oats, among others.

La La Land Kind Cafe was founded back in 2019 by Francois Reihani. The cafe was established in Dallas to provide mentorship and job options for youth that were in the foster system, according to What Now Dallas.

Since it was started around three years ago, the cafe now has eight locations throughout Texas — predominantly in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas — along with a location residing in California (pictured, above). Earlier this year, a new location opened in Richardson, Texas.

According to its website, La La Land Kind Cafe says that kindness is a priority for the business and that it looks to spread that kindness to everyone that walks through the cafe's doors.

"We believe that success is measured on the positive impact we make in society, not just how much money we make," La La Land Kind Cafe said on its website.

The planned La La Land Kind Cafe location that will potentially be opening up next year in Plano would be located at 2301 Preston Rd., Ste. A, once completed.