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Plano-Based Company Launches First AI-Powered Teacher Copilot

The new platform allows educators to create courses and assessments in minutes
Photo: Toey Andante | Shutterstock

CYPHER Learning, a learning platform company from Plano that offers services for business and academia, launched CYPHER Copilot, a platform designed to help teachers and instructors create gamified, multimedia courses faster.

According to a company demo conducted by CYPHER Learning CEO Graham Glass, the way CYPHER Copilot works is by receiving some basic information such as the name of the course, the tone of voice, the kind of intended audience, the type of instruction and the number of modules, among other parameters. The copilot then creates a full course or specific section. Once the course is created, 80% of the job is complete, and the teacher can focus on the remaining 20%: tweaking features and adding a personal touch with personalized videos and materials.

"Building and designing development courses is an important part of any teacher or instructor's job, but it is also very time-consuming,” said Glass, whose background is rooted in education as he worked as a senior lecturer at the University of Texas in Dallas in the early ‘90s. “Yet demand for courses is steadily increasing. At the same time, global teacher shortages are bringing educational institutions to their knees. Something's got to give. Teachers and instructors do not have the resources to keep up with demand." 

As Glass explains in the demo, the platform is not designed to do 100% of the work involved in creating courses, but rather, to take away from all the tedious tasks like creating competencies and mapping or building quizzes, assessments and question banks for teachers to use. Another key feature offered by the platform is the translation of content in over 50 languages.

“The Copilot is simple and intuitive to use, giving teachers and instructors an AI-guided smart assistant,” added Glass. “This helps to ensure that human talent is focused where it needs to be, on delivering better outcomes for the learner and the business.”