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Venture X opens offices at Legacy West

Plano continues to host national and international companies alike but on June 14, a new kid moved on the block: Venture X. Venture X’s History “The future of workspace” is how the company describes itself.
Venture X
Venture X, Business,

Plano continues to host national and international companies alike but on June 14, a new kid moved on the block: Venture X.

Venture X’s History

“The future of workspace” is how the company describes itself. Venture X is a company that designs beautiful workspaces for freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs and more. These spaces are designed to cultivate an engaging diverse community among the people using the space.

Venture X started in 2012 in Naples, FL and since then the company has been expanding rapidly, with locations popping up all around the United States, as well as internationally in countries like Canada and Austrailia. The reason for this rapid expansion is thanks to the support of the franchise giant, United Franchise Group (UFG).

“We (UFG) are already in 1600 locations in 84 countries,” said Thomas Weber, president of Venture X, when talking about how UFG has played a role in Venture X’s growth. “That background provided a network so it was a natural evolution for us to tap into those relationships within and outside the United States.”

Weber’s background is in commercial real estate. He’s been with Venture X for a few years now. He was impressed with the concept and knew this was the future of real office buildings. He wasn’t the only one who had similar thoughts about the company.

Venture X, Business,

Meet Venture X Plano’s General Manager

Mani Patel is the general manager for the Plano location. He heard about Venture X in January of last year while attending an expo in Dallas put on by UFG.

“I was looking for a business opportunity away from the hotel industry,” said Patel. “I came across Venture X and I quickly noticed how similar it is to the hotel industry.”

Patel is an accountant by profession, but after he moved to the United States in 1994, he was in the hospitality and hotel industry. For the last 20 years, he has been a franchisee of numerous hotel brands. This has given Patel a background that is perfect to serve the vision of Venture X – to allow a place for “members can connect, be inspired, improve their business/careers and experience fulfilling rich lives.”

“The design of the space fosters networking and a place for people to congregate to socialize, connect and collaborate,” said Patel when explaining his plans to execute the vision. “You become more efficient, more creative and collaborate on ideas better when you move around.”

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Venture X layout

Venture X has a variety of communal and private spaces for members to use. From private offices that can house small teams and individuals to open seating in the lounge area, there is a perfect space for any individual to come and be productive.

The whole floor is brightly lit, mostly due to sunlight coming in through the windows that extended from floor to ceiling. There is a projector in the lounge/cafe area for public presentations. While this may seem odd, its purpose is to allow for more collaboration. Another person from another discipline could be watching and be interested in working with the presenter.

There are conference rooms and other spaces for private meetings and phone calls that any member will have access to. They will also have access to a printer, scanner, complimentary snacks and drinks along with other amenities that enhance the productive atmosphere.

Venture X Plano

Plano was an ideal place for a Venture X. Located at One Legacy West, it is surrounded by other giants such as Toyota.

“What I like about Plano is that you have Toyota and a number of corporate offices around. I believe Mani will be able to draw from them, but startup companies and smaller businesses too,” said Weber. “From small creative entrepreneurs to the bigger corporate players, [Venture X] creates synergy.”

This synergy expands outside the offices itself. Weber explained that Venture X has drawn communities together. Many other its franchises across the country host community activities. Patel shared that they – Venture X – will be active members of the Plano Chamber of Commerce.

Patel and Weber are excited about Venture X Plano and getting involved with the community.

“[Residents of Plano] need to come see the office space. Venture X is a beautiful space and people from all different levels of business see value here,” said Weber. “Whether it’s having a community event to expanding their business opportunities and network, there are a lot of ways people in the Plano community can really benefit from us.”

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