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10 Health & Wellness Nonprofits Making A Difference In North Texas

Don't forget that North Texas Giving Day is September 22
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These 10 nonprofits focused on health and wellness are making a difference in North Texas — and you can too, this NTX Giving Day 2022

The American Heart Association  

The American Heart Association (AHA) is the nation's oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. A shared focus on cardiovascular health unites more than 40 million volunteers and supporters as well as more than 2,800 employees. 

Support the American Heart Association as it removes barriers to health through work in communities, scientific research, advocating for healthy policies and more by donating today!  

Address: 105 Decker Drive Suite 200 Irving, TX 75062 

Phone: 214-441-4200  

Visit American Heart Association’s website | View American Heart Association’s NTX Giving Day page 

Delighted to Doula 

Delighted to Doula provides after-pregnancy support through postpartum doulas, educating and supporting families with newborns. Doulas help monitor symptoms often associated with postpartum complications that could lead to mortality or postpartum depression. Other services range from providing material goods and meals, attending postpartum doctor visits and presenting additional resources that apply to individual needs.   

Help Delighted to Doula combat maternal mortality and support new mothers and families by donating today!  

Address: 1910 Pacific Ave Suite 14240 Dallas, TX 75201 

Phone: 469 269 6671 

Visit Delighted to Doula’s website | View Delighted to Doula’s NTX Giving Day page 

Dream2Walk Foundation  

Dream2Walk Foundation helps people with spinal cord Injuries achieve a better quality of life while recovering from their injuries. The organization helps people learn how to walk again and awards therapy scholarships to people in need of financial assistance at approved recovery-based therapy facilities. 

Join Dream2Walk Foundation in providing a better quality of life for patients with spinal cord injuries by donating, today!  

Address: 1904 Webster Dr. Plano, TX 75075 

Phone: 214-417-8466 

Visit Dream2Walk’s website | View Dream2Walk’s NTX Giving Day page 

Heroes For Children 

Heroes for Children advocates for and provides financial assistance and social support to Texas families with children battling cancer. Its vision is that no family in Texas with a child battling cancer fights alone. Since 2004, Heroes for Children has provided $6.5 million to over 6,600 Texas families in need. Heroes For Children works to bring comfort, helping restore normalcy for families. 

Support Heroes for Children in providing direct and immediate assistance to families facing childhood cancer by donating, today!  

Address: PO Box 831087 Richardson, TX 75083 

Phone: 214-256-5616  

Visit Heroes for Children’s website | View Heroes for Children’s NTX Giving Day page 

Hope Clinic of McKinney 

Hope Clinic of McKinney is a free medical, vision and behavioral health clinic serving low-income, uninsured McKinney families. Its vision is that all Collin County residents have access to quality, affordable medical care. The clinic partners with the community to provide health care and resources to medically underserved neighbors.  

Join Hope Clinic in creating a space where everyone is treated with dignity, respect and love while receiving high-quality wellness and spiritual care by donating, today!  

Address: 103 E Lamar St McKinney, TX 75069 

Phone: 469-712-4246 

Visit Hope Clinic of McKinney’s website | View Hope Clinic of McKinney’s NTX Giving Day page 

Julia’s Center for Healthcare

Julia’s Center for Healthcare is an all-volunteer clinic serving uninsured residents of Collin County. Its healthcare clinic provides basic medical care for patients that have non-emergency medical problems. The clinic doesn’t charge for services and remains open into the evening, past regular business hours, so that it’s more accessible to working residents. Julia’s Center for Healthcare also provides education for chronic issues with its Diabetic Clinic, Women’s Health Clinic, and referral partners. 

Help Julia’s Center for Healthcare make quality healthcare more accessible by donating! 

Address: 1947 Ave K Suite A 400 Plano, TX 75074

Phone: 972-535-5059

Visit Julia’s Center for Healthcare’s website | View Julia’s Center for Healthcare’s NTX Giving Day page

Liberty Medical Center of Texas 

Liberty Medical Center of Texas (LMC) was founded by veterans, for veterans, with a goal of growing into a clinic that provides services to the surrounding community of veterans and their families through primary care and mental health care. LMC’s goal is to provide transformative services to not only promote healing for members but to provide tools to improve the overall quality of life. 

Uplift the lives and health of veterans and their families by donating to Liberty Medical Center of Texas, today! 

Address: 6010 W Spring Creek Pkwy Plano, TX 75024 

Phone: 972-559-4085 

Visit Liberty Medical Center of Texas’s Website | View Liberty Medical Center of Texas’s NTX Giving Day Page 

Prelude Clubhouse 

Prelude Clubhouse is a psychosocial rehabilitation day program for adults living with diagnosed mental illnesses. Prelude Clubhouse is a safe space for members to build friendships, engage in meaningful work and receive assistance with entering the workforce. Prelude Clubhouse also provides resources for affordable housing and psychiatric support. Prelude Clubhouse offers individuals with mental illness a way to increase self-confidence, gain independence, and effectively reach their goals.

Join Prelude Clubhouse in building a welcoming community of adults living with mental illness where hope is nourished, and self-worth is restored, by donating today!   

Address: PO Box 864301 1905 East Parker Road, Plano, TX 75074  

Phone: 469-301-6639 

Visit Prelude Clubhouse’s Website | View Prelude Clubhouse’s NTX Giving Day Page 

Rosa Es Rojo 

ROSA es ROJO is committed to helping Latina women make healthy choices for themselves and their communities. The organization offers Spanish-language, culturally relevant resources to make wellness and prevention accessible for the high-risk cancer population of Hispanic women in North Texas by educating them on the topics of nutrition, physical activity, emotional health, and positive thinking.  

Help create a more healthy and resilient Hispanic community by supporting Rosa Es Rojo, today!  

Address: PO Box 250435 Plano, TX 75025 

Phone: 469-431-0232 

Visit Rosa Es Rojo’s Website | View Rosa Es Rojo’s NTX Giving Day Page 


TaylorCares assists those affected by, or living with, multiple sclerosis through educational sessions devoted to health and physical education. TaylorCares provides emotional, physical, mental, and financial relief monthly to individuals, their caretakers, or families to aid in the cost of handling the condition. 

Support TaylorCares’ efforts toward assisting those affected by multiple sclerosis by donating, today!  

Address: PO Box 130215 Dallas, TX 75313 

Phone: 469-608-0404 
Visit TaylorCares’ website | View TaylorCares’ NTX Giving Day page