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5 Things To Know About The Frisco City Council Meeting - 9/20/2022

The police chief spoke and a new budget was passed
Photo: Salivanchuk Semen | Shutterstock

The Frisco City Council members, including Mayor Jeff Cheney, met on September 20 to discuss a number of proposals and heard public comments. The city council members are elected at-large.

Here are the five things you need to know: 

Approval Of New Tax Rate

Frisco City Council voted on a new tax rate of $0.4466 per $100 property valuation. This new tax rate comes into effect at the beginning of the next fiscal year. The tax rate is expected to bring more revenue from the property by about $19.7 million. Frisco’s property valuation is estimated to rise by 15.61%. A work session was held on August 8, 2022, and two public hearings were held to allow for any citizen input. The motion passed unanimously. 

Crime Statistics

Frisco police showed crime data and monthly department activity. The numbers are taken from reports but have not been certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety for the year. The Uniform Crime Index number for August 2022 showed a total of 348 part one offenses, which was 22 fewer than reported in July 2022. A part one offense includes crimes known to police and is reported as arrests. But part one offenses are up 674 reports in Frisco, which is currently an 26% increase from last year. In August alone there were eight reported rapes, two robberies, 109 assaults, 18 burglaries, 34 vehicle burglaries and eight vehicles stolen.

Threats To Schools

Chief David Shilson discussed the recent threats made to Frisco schools. So far this year, six students have been arrested in connection to threats. The threats were made through social media, and the last individual arrested was a former Frisco ISD student. Chief Shilson wanted to make it clear that threats such as these are a third-degree felony, even as a prank, are considered a terroristic threat punishable by fines and jail time. 

Included In The Budget

The new budget for the next fiscal year was brought to the council for a vote. The 2022/23 total revenue is estimated at $34,507,081, including sales tax revenue, interest income, contributions, leases and miscellaneous revenue. Total expenditures were also estimated at $26,901,976, which includes interfund transfers, economic incentives, principal and interest. The budget also allotted for funding the Frisco Police Department, fire department and Parks and Recreation. The city of Frisco added funding for 47 new positions for different departments across the city. The motion passed unanimously. 

Citizen Input

At every city council meeting, a public comment section is set on the agenda in order for members of the Frisco community to speak to council members about any issues they face. The city council does not vote on these issues but may consider adding the issue to a later meeting.

During this week's citizen input more than 10 individuals were scheduled to speak so the council made a motion to decrease the number of minutes allotted from five to three per person. 

The first resident to speak gave gratitude to the retiring fire chief and welcomed H-E-B to Frisco. Residents on Rock Hill Road spoke of their concern about construction in the area and are worried about the safety of children and students trying to get to school. One resident has created a Facebook group for homeowners in the area to discuss their issues with construction. The resident also mentioned her concern with Amazon warehouses coming to the Frisco area. 

Frisco City Council meets every first and third Tuesday of the month. To watch the full meeting visit the website