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5 Things To Know About The McKinney City Council Meeting - 10/3/2022

Homeless advocates brought forth issues and luxury townhomes are planned
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Screenshot: McKinney City Council | City of McKinney

The seven McKinney City Council members, including Mayor George Fuller, met on October 3. Four council members are elected to single-member districts, and two council members and the mayor are elected at large. Each council member’s term is four years.

Here are the five things you need to know:

Fire Prevention Month

Mayor Fuller proclaimed October 2022 as fire prevention month. He said that people who are prepared and practice evacuation are more likely to escape a fire. The McKinney fire department wants to spread awareness about fire safety and explained that you have less than two minutes after your fire alarm goes off to evacuate. The McKinney Fire Department will be sharing more information throughout the month about safety and prevention. 

19th Annual McKinney Arbor Day

The mayor proclaimed to observe the month of October 2022 as the 19th annual Arbor Day. Nationwide, Arbor Day has been recognized for 150 years. Mayor Fuller explained that trees are essential to the city of McKinney for beauty as well as for the protection of topsoil and homes for wildlife. He said that on Saturday, at the McKinney Performing Arts Center (MPAC) 111 North Tennessee St. trees will be given away to be planted, and will have activities for kids.

Citizen Comment

One speaker said that he and his wife have been longtime residents of McKinney.
Last week the individual went to a downtown cigar shop and found that an elevator was broken. He reached out to the mayor about getting it fixed, and within less than a week, his request had been solved. He wanted to thank the mayor for acting on the matter so quickly. 

Solutions For Homeless

Another resident who spoke during the citizen comment section is an advocate for the homeless. She has worked for 42 years in Collin County as an advocate for those experiencing homelessness and she is concerned about the issue of homeless individuals parking at Walmart. Currently, Walmart is not allowing the homeless to park their cars in their lot. The speaker requested to get information as to where they can safely park while they wait for other housing options. Mayor Fuller offered to assist the woman in finding resources for homeless individuals.

One of the homeless individuals spoke as well during the meeting. She claims she was hassled by workers to leave the lot of a Walmart. The woman explained that there were 41 cars at Walmart, all of which she claimed belonged to the homeless, and she wants to know why she must move her car when other options are not available. She has been on the rapid rehousing list for 15 months and has still not found a permanent living option, and she believes seniors especially are having this issue. She is frustrated with the housing situation because she is not an addict of any kind and still can’t find a place to live. Mayor Fuller asked the woman to reach out to him via email and he will work with her one-on-one.

Luxury Housing

The city council voted on a development that would bring roughly 30 units on a six-acre property of luxury townhomes. The Pinehurst Luxury Townhomes would be located around the north side of Wilson Creek Parkway and east of McKinney High School. Planning and Zoning previously denied the rezoning of this property in January because a multifamily development was proposed. But since then, the single-family until has been approved. Council voted unanimously to approve.

To watch the full meeting visit the website or here if you missed the previous meeting on September 20.