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5 Things You Need To Know About Shopping At H-E-B

The Plano location will be opening on November 2
Photo: Joni Hanebutt | Shutterstock

H-E-B Frisco opened their doors in September and soon Plano residents will have the grocery store in their backyard as well. On November 2, H-E-B Plano will finally open, the second H-E-B to debut in North Texas this fall.

The grocery chain can seem overwhelming with its wide range of products and countless aisles. But don’t fret we have you covered!

Here are five things you need to know before you visit H-E-B:

Download The App

The app has many features that will be useful for every trip you make to the grocery store. Coupons are available for hundreds of products weekly, so make sure you clip them to your account for the barcodes to be used at checkout. If you aren’t tech-savvy don’t worry, paper coupons can be found throughout the store as well. 

On the app, you can also create your grocery list so you don’t spend too much time wandering through H-E-B’s magical fortress of a store (or do, we don’t mind). If you are not in the mood to go into the store the app also has a feature that allows you to order curbside pickup for all of your grocery needs. 

Bestsellers Are The Best For A Reason

Everyone seems to be raving about H-E-B’s famous fresh flour tortillas, and for good reason. They are delicious! But don’t pass up on other H-E-B brands as well. If you don’t have time to wait in line for the fresh tortillas, H-E-B prepackaged tortillas are amazing as well. The brisket queso is a must-try, as well as H-E-B’s brand of ice cream, where you can get flavors such as java chip and Mexican hot chocolate. 

If you don’t have time to cook, the H-E-B fresh sushi is just as good as any sit-down restaurant, and it can be eaten in the comfort of your own home or office. Speaking of quick eats, you can’t pass up H-E-B’s True Texas BBQ for all your meat cravings. 

Check Out The Weekly Flier

The weekly ad deals featured on the app are sure to help you plan your meals for the week. From fish and chicken to vegetables and frozen foods, the weekly ad deals will save you a ton of money. And who doesn’t love saving? The ads will also tell you exactly which aisle the item can be found to save you some time at the store. 

Meal Deal

If you are all about saving money and having meals planned for you, the H-E-B Meal Deal is a great value and will feed the whole family. Every week the Meal Deal changes and offers a variety of foods for a reduced price. This week’s Meal Deal is a BBQ dinner that includes fully cooked shredded beef with BBQ sauce, brioche buns, mac and cheese, cole slaw and baked beans. All you have to do is buy the meat and the rest is included. Talk about a deal! But make sure you have the coupon clipped before checkout. 

H-E-B’s Meal Deal at the Frisco location can be found on an endcap near the back of the store near the sliced cheeses and meats. All the items included can be found on the endcap as well.  

When To Go

H-E-B’s lines can be quite intimidating, especially for those in a hurry. Thankfully the staff works quickly to make the line move as fast as possible. But if you want to avoid the crowds certain times are best to go. Mornings, especially as soon as they open are best for shoppers to avoid the crowds. While everyone is sleeping in you can get your shopping done. Sunday morning, before 9 a.m., is also a good time to shop. 

But because the store hasn’t lost any excitement from residents there are still huge lines and hundreds of people wanting to get their hands on some H-E-B products. Try to avoid busy times such as weekends and afternoons when everyone is getting off work. Some social media platforms and groups such as North Texas H-E-B Fanatics! on Facebook will even post updates on how busy the store is and posts frequent pictures of the line. 

The bottom line is that H-E-B is a great place to shop, and we know everyone wants to get the opportunity to try a variety of delicious foods. The store’s staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, so don’t feel bad about asking for help.