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5 Things To Know About The Frisco City Council Meeting - 10/4/2022

Residents brought issues to city council and a new committee was created
Photo: Colleen Michaels | Shutterstock

The Frisco City Council members, including Mayor Jeff Cheney, met on October 4 to discuss a number of proposals and heard public comments. All city council members are elected at-large.

Here are the five things you need to know:

Creation of the animal advisory committee

Each council member nominated someone from the community to serve on the animal advisory committee. The committee will advise and support Frisco City Council on issues related to animals and animal welfare. The individuals selected will also aim to educate and advocate for animals in and around Frisco. Seven members were chosen by the council. Three of those selected will serve for two years, while the other four will serve for one. These are the members appointed:

Place 1: Nicole Kohansky
Place 2: Stephanie Cleveland 
Place 3: Lisa Kirby 
Place 4: Shelly Sullivan  
Place 5: Lisa Allison 
Place 6: Chris Fields
Place 7: Traci Maroney 

National walk and roll to school day

Mayor Jeff Cheney declared October 12 as National Walk and Roll to School Day. Residents and students are encouraged to walk or bike to school to promote pedestrian safety and physical activity for children. The goal is to help kids find activity in their everyday lives and prevent illness and disease from stationary activity. Mayor Cheney also explained that less traffic on the roads will have a better environmental impact on Frisco and the state of Texas.  

National cyber security awareness month 

Mayor Cheney spoke about how the future of our nation relies on critical services and most of those services are online. He declared that the month of October will be dedicated to National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The mayor explained that most cyberattacks cause some kind of financial loss or personal damage, so everyone should be more aware of security. Throughout the month residents are encouraged to educate themselves on the importance of cyber security. 

Heritage Association of Frisco

The Heritage Association of Frisco spoke during the meeting and wanted to remind residents that on October 15 there will be a  lecture with Pat Rogers at the  Frisco Heritage Museum Second Floor Theater. Along with the lecture a light breakfast will be served. On October 16, activities will also be available for kids, including pumpkin carving and arts and crafts. A partnership with the Frisco Garden Club will be giving away trees for Arbor Day. 

Citizen Input 

One long-term resident of Frisco spoke to council members about her concerns regarding the zoning of her property. She explained that it is a half-acre lot that was put up for sale. She told the council that she is losing the sale because the buyer is not able to obtain a permit for rezoning to build a home. The woman told council that the city had incorrectly zoned the property as a one-acre lot instead of a half-acre, and they are not acting upon fixing the issue. Frisco City Council was not able to act or make a decision, but the issue will be discussed at a later time. 

To watch the full meeting visit the website or here if you missed the previous meeting on September 20.