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$50 Million Park Planned For Celina, Texas

A final concept will be presented in July
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Photo: Dunaway Associates

On June 13, 2023, the proposed final master plan for Wilson Creek Park was presented to the Celina City Council. The park will be located at the corner of Future Sunset Boulevard and Roseland Parkway. 

Currently in the early stages of planning, Wilson Creek Park is approximately 100 acres with unique natural features incorporated into the design. 

Following several rounds of community input gathering, including feedback on two alternative concepts, a survey was conducted to gather opinions on the two concepts and received 1,072 responses, leading to the development and unveiling of the master plan on June 13.

The park has a diverse range of features, including an irrigation pond, a dog park area, a trail system, a court sports area and more. The neighborhood park will have the capacity for an amphitheater, a destination playground and open spaces suitable for hosting festivals. 

Photo: Dunaway Associates

“We realize with a 100-acre park in the middle of a community that’s growing like Celina, this is a special moment for us to make sure that we’re developing a park that’s meeting your community needs,” said Elizabeth Mcllrath Jarrell, principal with civil engineering company Dunaway Associates. 

The event area within the park will also have the capability to accommodate a crowd ranging from 13,500 to 15,000 people. The proposed final master plan also showcased a diamond sports complex featuring artificial turf, covered bleachers and 300-foot foul lines.

“So you’d be able to have very big tournaments,” Mcllrath Jarrell said.

According to Mcllrath Jarrell, the estimated construction cost for the park amounted to approximately $50.75 million. She further mentioned that a detailed cost assessment was conducted for the initial phase of the park, which amounted to around $30 million.

Mcllrath Jarrell explained a refined concept will be shown in July for final approval. “There’s so much potential with this park,” Mcllrath Jarrell said. “At this stage, it’s our final master plan, but it’s still preliminary.”.