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Angela Miner on her journey to City Council, her vision for Plano and why she won't seek re-election

Behind every thriving city is a team of hardworking individuals working to provide the means necessary to create a happy, functional community. Since arriving to the U.S.
Angela Miner has served in various communities in Plano for over 20 years | Via Facebook

Behind every thriving city is a team of hardworking individuals working to provide the means necessary to create a happy, functional community. Since arriving to the U.S., over 22 years ago, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Angela Miner has spent her time learning firsthand what the people of Plano need and creating solutions to some of Collin County’s most pressing issues. She has been an active champion for both the city of Plano and Plano Independent School District.

“I believe in service before self,” Miner says. “Since I moved here with my husband and two daughters, this city has become very important part of my life. During these years, I’ve gotten involved in several communities and organizations.”

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Anglela Miner’s resume boasts incredible feats, including experience with Children’s Medical Center, Women’s Auxillary, Plano Symphony Orchestra Education Committee, and Women Making a Difference. Miner also previously served as Treasurer, Vice President and President on different Parent Teacher Association boards throughout Plano Independent School District.

“When I first came to this country, I kept to myself,” Miner says “I was scared to go out into the community and talk to people. One day, I decided I had to overcome that fear, and I joined the PTA at my daughters’ school. That opened so many doors.”

During her years in PTA, Angela Miner has been presented with both the Texas PTA Lifetime Achievement and National PTA Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Miner credits her success in Plano City Council to her experience in PTA, as well as other organizations.

“City Council is not entry level,” Miner says. “It takes years of community involvement to learn about the needs of the city and to be able to cast the right vote.”

One of Angela Miner’s biggest projects includes Envision Oak Point, a policy to add developments to east Plano’s Oak Point area.

“Envision Oak Point was the most stressful project,” Miner says, “but once it passed, I was so proud. Now we have a vision for east Plano.”

When it comes to the future of east Plano, Miner is anticipatory of the innovations to come. She is a vocal advocate for the Cotton Belt Corridor, and is also looking forward to the new retail and dining destinations coming to Legacy Central. She believes that this will be the start of what she calls “the revitalization of 75.”

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Following the end of her current term this May, Angela Miner will not be seeking re-election. She made this decision last year after her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“It changed everything,” Miner says. “My focus shifted and I started seeing life differently. I decided that it’s time for family.”

Miner hopes that after her term, she will be able to spend time with loved ones without worrying about City Council meetings.

“I came here in 1996 and I got involved PTA in 1997,” Miner says. “From that time, I’ve been in meetings, doing different things for our community. My daughters would come home from school, and I’d be leaving for a meeting of some sort. Even though they’re older now, it’ll be easier to spend time with them.”

Miner hopes that Plano continues to be a city of excellence after her departure from City Council.

“I want Plano to continue to be a great place for families,” Miner says. “I want to continue protecting public safety for our citizens and I want us to get closer to solving traffic issues. Things are going to happen, but everything takes time.”