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Black Voters Matter Take Its Tour To North Texas

The organization hopes to spread the word about voting in the upcoming election
Photo: Michael Scott Milner | Shutterstock

The election is rapidly approaching, yet many organizations are still pushing to get voters ready. Black Voters Matter is one organization spreading the word in Texas about voting. 

Black Voters Matter has been touring throughout Texas to help get residents ready for the upcoming election. The team has been hard at work going to places such as East Texas, North Texas and South Dallas. The group has made many stops during their Texas tour and have visited Paul Quinn College and the Texas State Fair to share the goals and purpose of the organization. The final stop for the leg of the Texas tour will be in Plano this week and will help voters become more educated about the races and assist in registering to vote. 

“Black Voters Matter goal is to increase power in marginalized, predominantly Black communities,” The Black Voters Matter’s purpose explains. “Effective voting allows a community to determine its own destiny.”

The goal of the organization is to educate and empower Black voters before the Texas voter registration on October 11. The organization will continue its tour through October and will visit places such as Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina and many more. 

“It’s seeing people that look like us, trying to get us to vote,” first-time voter Jazzmine Smith told WFAA. Organizations like Black Voters Matter assist first-time voters with any questions they have about the complicated voting process. 

Texas hasn’t had a historically high Black voter turnout. In 2020 only 13.4% of Black or African Americans voted in the election, despite a total of 18,875,542 eligible voters of all races. But Black Voters Matter hopes to change that by encouraging a large voter turnout, and making sure Black voices are heard. 
To learn more about Black Voters Matter visit the website. To register to vote in Texas click here.