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Church In McKinney, Texas Vandalized With Racist And Antisemitic Graffiti For A Second Time

The church was also hit with arson
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Screenshot: WFAA | Youtube

Stonebridge United Methodist Church on Stonebridge Drive was vandalized with graffiti showing swastikas and other hate speech. 

The vandalism was found before the Sunday service on August 28, when an employee discovered a racist slur spray painted on the building. A large number of swastikas along with profanities littered the walls by an entrance with a message reading, “Not my best work yet…”

This ominous message is worrying for the church and pastor Jeff Lust told NBCDFW the message is “probably the one thing that has folks most on edge around here.” 

On the night of August 30, McKinney police shared information (via Twitter) about the vandalism, stating, “This is the second reported graffiti offense at this Church, with the first being on July 17th."

In addition to the racist and antisemitic graffiti, a dumpster and two plants were set on fire at the church when the vandalism occurred. 

Stonebridge United Methodist was first vandalized six weeks prior to this incident on July 17 with other words of hate. The initial vandalism was reported to have the language of white supremacy and other hateful imagery.

McKinney police have not yet released any information about the investigation, and it cannot be said if this is a repeat offender or the same person.

NBCDFW also reported that the church has a predominantly white congregation.

There has been support in North Texas for the church in the wake of the vandalism. Richardson-based pastor Markus Lloyd shared on Facebook his hopes for putting together a community response in several weeks in order to bring the community together. The pastor previously came to Facebook denouncing the symbols of hate writing, “If we want a different world, then we need those who disagree with these vandals to stand up against them and those emboldening them.”

McKinney Police Department public information officer Carla Marion Reeves told Local Profile they currently do not have any new information about the case or who may be responsible. They are asking anyone with information to contact the McKinney Police Department at 972-547-2700.