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Costco Is Coming To Celina

The location will bring more money and shoppers to the town
Photo: Johnny Michael | Shutterstock

H-E-B isn’t the only corporation making its mark in North Texas. Costco will soon be coming to Celina and is expected to bring in a large amount of economic growth as well. 

On September 30, the city of Celina confirmed the town's suspicions of a Costco making its way to the small town. A deal, more than a year in the making, was made the same day which allows for phase one to begin. The first phase begins building on 43 acres on the corner of Ownsby and Preston. The phase includes around 200,000 to 225,000 square feet of commercial retail space. About 160,000 square feet will hold the building itself. A second phase will be 62 acres across the road, but it has not been identified what the phase will consist of. 

The popular wholesale store will also bring many jobs to North Texas and the town of Celina. The Celina Record reported an expected 1,000 to 1,4000 positions will be open and ready to fill.

According to Connectcre, Celina is the smallest town chosen to build a full-service Costco store ever. The Seitz Group is developing the project and it is estimated that the ad valorem tax value is estimated to be over $200 million and retail sales are expected to be over $300 million every year. The developer has been working in the shopping center business for 35 years and worked on the McKinney Costco location. 

The Dallas Morning News reported that Costco currently has more than a dozen stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but the location in Celina will be the store’s farthest north local store. 

Costco’s well-known and tasty samples will soon be in the area, but it has not yet been announced when the store will make its debut. However the massive selections are something to look forward to, and the town of Celina can get ready to shop.