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Fans Speculate About Frisco's Universal Theme Park

From themes to characters, fans think they know what’s to come
Photo: Universal Studios

Universal Studios’ latest announcement of bringing one of their famed theme parks to Frisco caused a wave of both excitement and worry. Most of the worry stems from the unknown plans for the park — or how the park will impact residents. But some Universal fans believe they know what the theme park will offer.

Mayor Jeff Cheney recently posted a guide for what we know about the new park on Facebook. Yet, no plans for the interior of the park have been released to the public. The only hints available come from the graphic released by Universal and fans think the picture is full of easter eggs.

According to Orlando Park Stop, fans believe DreamWorks characters and properties will be the central theme of the park. If the immersive worlds in the layout of the park are accurate, the park may contain properties like Trolls, Shrek, Camp Cretaceous and Madagascar

Images: Universal Pictures

The adventurous animals of Madagascar are an iconic part of the DreamWorks family and the items placed throughout the world have fans wondering if the animals might make an appearance in the park.

Images: Universal Pictures

What's DreamWorks without the dinosaurs of Camp Cretaceous? The camp-like structure in the middle, along with the hanging walk way are pretty telling signs of this world's theme.

Images: Universal Pictures

Shrek's swamp is a staple in the DreamWorks world, so naturally, fans assume the swamp-like feature has something to do with the lovable ogre.

Images: Universal Pictures

Troll's iconic colors are featured throughout this land and fans speculate the flowers and rainbow paths further confirm the theory.

Potential rides and attractions have not been released, but Cheney did say “family coaster” will be 40 to 50 feet max. Hours are expected to be “kid-friendly” as well, most likely 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the week and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends. 

Cheney explained that the park will have places for families to “get out of heat” and lush green spaces will be featured throughout the park. Character meet and greets will also be offered in the park, but the characters themselves have not been announced. 

The art also shows a boat ride that appears to load within the center, which winds throughout the 97-acre park. A name for the park has not been announced, but the mayor did refer to the project as “Universal Kids, Frisco” in his official Jan. 11th Universal announcement. 

Images: Universal Pictures

We do know that the park will be for kids ages three to nine, so it would make sense for the park to focus on themes that the little ones would recognize and most enjoy. Cheney also announced in his post that the park would contain a 300-room hotel in order for families to enjoy the park for multiple days.