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Report: Flower Mound Is The Safest City In Texas

Previous data ranked other North Texas cities as safe as well
Photo: Trong Nguyen | Shutterstock

Crime data and criminal history is frequently changing, and so are the safest cities. A new report by GoodHire used FBI data to determine that Flower Mound is the safest city in the great state of Texas. 

Local Profile previously reported that data from GoodHire suggested that McKinney and Frisco were among the safest places in Texas, but that data has slightly changed. Flower Mound now takes the claim for the safest city. 

“The final safety score is a weighted sum of the ranks for the three offense types. The safest city in America receives the lowest safety score (up to 100) and the least safe city receives the highest safety score (up to 100),” GoodHire explained. 

Flower Mound has frequently been on the safety list for several years. In 2020, the city was ranked the fourth safest city in the U.S., and in 2021, it found itself in the top 25. This year the city has upped its game and proved to be the safest in Texas. 

But Flower Mound wasn’t the only safe spot in North Texas: Little Elm was also ranked highly for its lack of property crime and ranked third in the U.S. for the lowest rates. Property crime usually involves private property, which includes burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, shoplifting and vandalism.

According to GoodHire, “In terms of property crime, the data reveals that Dothan, Alabama, Franklin, Massachusetts and Little Elm, Texas are the three places in America with the lowest property crime rates. The data also reveals a specific trend as Massachusetts and Michigan are each home to three of the top ten places with the lowest property crime rates in America.”

Based on previous and new data, North Texas seems to be a pretty safe place to live with many of its cities frequently ranking at the top of the charts.