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Former Collin College Employee Alleges Discrimination In New Lawsuit

Collin College is at the center of yet another controversy
Photo: Collin College | Website

Swee Lian Wee is the fourth former Collin College employee to sue the academic institution in the past year. 

As The Texas Tribune (via KETR) reports, Wee filed the lawsuit on July 13. In 2019, she applied for a position called the executive dean of continuing education. Prior to that, Wee was the director of continuing education. Her application was rejected, with her supervisor Provost Bill King allegedly saying Collin College wanted someone with a doctorate and “who would be able to present themselves to C-suite executives." 

According to the lawsuit, Karen Musa, a white British woman without a doctorate, was hired. “The only difference between Ms. Wee and Ms. Musa is that Ms. Musa is White of British origin, and Ms. Wee is Asian of Chinese descent, born in Singapore,” the lawsuit adds. 

Musa, the lawsuit alleges, began "attacking" Wee, denied her budget requests and began excluding her from meetings. The lawsuit also claims that Musa told Wee, who was on family and medical leave, that she needed to work on the day her husband was in surgery. 

“After the College provided her no protections in the workplace; denied an equal opportunity to progress within the College; repeatedly ignored and harassed after making complaints; and continuously subjected to unlawful and offensive behavior which no reasonable person should be expected to endure … on or around August 27, 2021, Ms. Wee was forced to resign, effective September 1 of 2021,” states the lawsuit.

Local Profile reached out to Collin College for comment. "Collin College is aware of a lawsuit recently filed by Linda Wee, who resigned from the college last summer, against the college, its Board of Trustees, and other individuals," said a college spokesperson. "The college looks forward to defending the claims in court and is exploring its legal options, including counterclaims, which may be available after further review and assessment."

Besides Musa and King, the lawsuit also includes the board of trustees, President Neil Matkin and Chief Human Resources Officer Floyd Nickerson. According to The Texas Tribune, Wee is asking for $250,000 and $1 million in damages.

​​Local Profile previously covered Collin College's controversies, including a professor who alleged the school's president had attempted to intimidate him over free speech.