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Senior Prank Goes Bad And Frisco ISD Cancels Classes

"The situation devolved rapidly" at the high school
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Screenshot: CBSDFW | YouTube

​​Graffiti. Smoke. Toilet paper everywhere. A senior prank at Frisco Memorial High School got out of control and ended the school year early.

According to CBSDFW, cleanup crews arrived after the school canceled classes for the rest of the week due to air quality issues. 

​​"These two days were going to be our last days to say goodbyes to people we may never see again, say goodbye to our teachers that we care for so much," senior Abhi Bandi told NBCDFW. "It’s the whole class that had it ruined just because of a few kids that decided to vandalize the school."

Frisco Memorial High School approved a prank in which students put sticky notes inside the school. But the stunt spun out of control. 

"A small group of students from Memorial High School was approved to use Post-It notes on the walls and put messages around the campus as part of their senior prank last night," Frisco ISD wrote in an official statement. "Staff members were onsite to monitor students but the situation devolved rapidly, and the Frisco Police and Fire departments became involved." 

The students set off fire extinguishers, pulled fire alarms, wrapped security cameras in plastic wrap, destroyed furniture and more. 

Clips of the incident appeared on Tik Tok.  

"I don’t want everyone to know Memorial High School and FISD in general as delinquents because our school year was defined by a lot more than just that," senior Ryan Song told NBCDFW. "Pranks are OK. Pranks are funny. But there’s a fine line between a prank and breaking the law and once you break that law and you cross that barrier, you can’t defend these actions."

The district is working with the police to identify and prosecute students that participated. 

​​"Damage is estimated in the thousands of dollars and includes paint on the walls, destruction of furniture, discharged fire extinguishers throughout campus and more," Frisco ISD added. "Every surface on the 300,000 sq. ft. campus must be cleaned, including the walls, ceilings and floors. Frisco ISD will hold the students responsible for costs associated with the cleanup."