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How To Get Rid Of Christmas Trees After The Holidays

Your Christmas tree has fulfilled its destiny, but now it’s time to say goodbye
Photo: Ramil Gibadullin | Shutterstock

If you’re wondering what to do with your dried-up evergreen now that Santa has already been to town, we can help get rid of Christmas trees the right way. Collin County offers a number of ways to recycle your tree so it can be repurposed into compost and mulch.

Most cities in the county offer curbside pick up on your regular trash day for a designated window of time following the holidays. Some also offer do-it-yourself drop-off options, which is great if you’re eager to get rid of it or you missed trash day. (To take advantage, you’ll need to bring your driver's license and a matching, current copy of your water bill.)

Each city has its own guidelines to get rid of Christmas trees, so be sure to read the fine print on their respective websites where they address bulk trash.

Some cities have specifically outlined what to do with and how to get rid of Christmas trees; for those, you can follow these shortcuts: Plano | McKinney | Allen | Frisco 

Hate to get rid of Christmas trees? We're here to tell you it's not all that bad with these tips.
Hate to get rid of Christmas trees? We're here to tell you it's not all that bad with these tips. Photo: rame435 | Shutterstock

What should you know before tossing the tree?

  • Sadly, your cute flocked (fake snow) trees are not recyclable because of the chemical components involved. These trees will need to be disposed of as trash. And, I’m sure it goes without saying that artificial trees cannot be recycled either. You’re going to have to trash that baby.
  • Before attempting to recycle your live tree, remove all metal or wood supports, plus decorations. Things like electrical wiring, lights, tinsel and ornaments all have to go.
  • For those cities who offer curbside pick up at home, they’ll usually say do not to bag it up or break it down; literally just place the tree out at the edge of your property, about three feet from the carts, on your regular trash pick up day.
  • If you choose to take advantage of a do-it-yourself drop off, be a good neighbor and volunteer to take someone else’s tree along with yours! Maybe you’ll cash that favor in one day when you need to borrow their ladder or a cup of milk.
Get rid of Christmas trees properly, or repurpose them! You win either way.
Get rid of Christmas trees properly, or repurpose them! You win either way. Photo: ttomasek15 | Shutterstock

Not quite ready to say goodbye? Try one of these alternate ways to repurpose your Christmas tree.

  • Rent a woodchipper from your local home improvement store and turn the tree into wood chips for mulch in your flower beds. Consider sharing the use (and cost) of the rented chipper with your neighbors. Please be safe and wear all proper personal protection equipment!
  • Use the branches or trunk of the tree as wood for an arts and crafts project. Cut thin slices from the trunk to make coasters (seal it with a wood sealer) or make rustic candle holders. (We’re pretty sure that if you browse Pinterest for ideas, you’ll find a bunch of them.)
  • Pluck out pine needles, and add them to a bowl of potpourri for a natural air freshener. Add in festive scents such as dried apples, cinnamon, or cloves.
  • Throw some branches into your fire pit and make late night s’mores! Get chopping, but wait for the branches to be completely dry before use. (Do NOT use the wood indoors; it can get extremely hot and cause a fire hazard.)