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Inflation And Supply Shortages Are Affecting The Texas State Fair

Many vendors are struggling to keep up
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A big fair means big prices. The Texas State Fair is a month-long annual event that many visitors and vendors look forward to every year. But with inflation on the rise and supply shortages, vendors are struggling to get what they need to feed the massive amount of visitors.

The state fair kicked off on September 30 with crowds of hungry people waiting to get their hands on fried foods and fair classics. But big rides and long lines were not the only nerve-wracking thing to come out of the fair. FOX 4 reported that nationwide shortages seen in many restaurants are causing a similar result at the Texas State Fair. 

Winter Family Concessions is just one of the many vendors seeing problems with inflation and supplier demand. Owner Christie Erpillo told FOX 4, "We're being creative. Some of our items we can get, and we know we can get. We're re-purposing with different products.”

According to The Dallas Express, the COVID-19 pandemic is to blame for the large inflation across the country. Back in April, the U.S. Department of Agriculture showed that food prices were expected to rise 5% by 2023. Currently, the CPI for all food increased 0.8% from July 2022 to August 2022, and prices are 11.4% higher since August 2021. 

Some of the food that has been going up is vital in the tasty treats the fair provides. Eggs, poultry, fats and oils, processed fruits and vegetables, cereals, bakery products and nonalcoholic beverages have all seen an increase in pricing. 

The State Fair of Texas lasts for 24 days and is the longest-running fair in America. An event as big as the Texas State Fair requires a large amount of food, drinks and supplies in order to run smoothly, but with prices so high it is difficult for vendors to keep up with demand.

Last year the fair saw a massive 2.2 million visitors for the Texas State Fair, and as time goes on it is expected that many more will be passing through. 

Local Profile reached out to several vendors about the issue. This story will be updated pending a response.