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Little Elm ISD Considers 4-Day School Week Amid Teacher Shortage

Parents had to vote on the issue by December 19
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School Boards across North Texas have begun announcing calendars for the upcoming school year. But a nationwide teacher shortage has Little Elm ISD considering a four-day week.

According to NBCDFW, school districts often ask for parent input and this year Little Elm requested parents vote on a calendar for the next school year by Dec. 19. One calendar moves the district to a 4-day school week and the other leaves it at five days.

"We want to have certified teachers in the classroom with our students. Just since August 1st, we've had 23 professionals resign," said Daniel Gallagher, superintendent of Little Elm ISD.

But childcare could become an issue if the district changed to a four-day week schedule. Little Elm ISD parent Lindsay Reyes explained that while she sympathizes with working families, school is not a daycare for kids.

Little Elm ISD fell to be a "C" school district in the area on its state report card and many believe that something in the district needs to change.

"You can't just keep doing things the same way and get different results," Reyes said.

Mineral Wells ISD previously switched to a four-day week in August and of the district’s teachers, 87% supported a four-day week. Parents of one Mineral Wells school told WFAA in August that the change has been smooth and allows students to have a more balanced schedule.

The district made the change after they experienced a teacher shortage as well. If Little Elm ISD switched to a four-day week, it is likely they will have a similar model to Mineral Wells. This school year, Mineral Wells ISD had zero teacher vacancies, but it’s unclear if the four-day week can be attributed to attracting teachers.

Little Elm ISD has not yet announced the results of the vote. Local Profile will update this story pending results.