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What Is Local Profile?

Local Profile is a community magazine serving the Collin County area. We publish: Local Profile print magazine on a bi-monthly schedule, and you can view past editions here local news and events daily at localprofile.

Local Profile is a community magazine serving the Collin County area.

We publish:

  • Local Profile print magazine on a bi-monthly schedule, and you can view past editions here
  • local news and events daily at
  • two email newsletters: Local Profile - The Weekly Edition and Local Profile - The Weekend Edition

Our combined monthly reach across Collin County is 500,000

Additional quick facts are: 

  • Local Profile print magazine is a local magazine distributed on a bimonthly basis to Collin County's 50,000 most affluent homeowners. This includes homes in Plano, Frisco, Allen, Mckinney and Far North Dallas. The majority of this print distribution is in Frisco and North/West Plano. 
  • Our reach with the print publication is 120,000+ and our reach across all channels (print+digital) is 500,000+
  • The average reader home value is over $600,000
  • Our average reader age is 47 and 62% are female 
  • 78% of our readers keep Local Profile in their home for 4 weeks or longer

Formerly Plano Profile 

Before we were Local Profile, we were Plano Profile, a community magazine founded in 1982.

Since my wife and I purchased Plano Profile in August 2015, we have been passionate about sharing content that is both universally powerful and uniquely local. Moreover, we have looked long and hard at what being part of this community means, and it’s so much more than a single — albeit incredible — city.

In 2019, we rebranded from Plano Profile to Local Profile.

This brand refresh reflects that communities span borders, and so do we. It’s not a new philosophy for us. The Local Profile name simply formalizes the mindset we’ve had for a long time now—that if someone lives in Plano, they’ll still care about the interesting things happening in Frisco. Life doesn’t stop where city borders do, and to live in Collin County is to enjoy the benefits of every municipality in the metroplex. Ultimately, we are a Frisco magazine, a Plano magazine, a McKinney magazine, an Allen magazine, a Prosper magazine ... we are Local Profile, a local magazine serving all of the Collin County community.

To be local is to be part of the greater life of a community. It’s the privilege and the responsibility we all share to turn a piece of land into a place, and a place into a home. To be part of the local community is to be involved, to know where the needs are and be willing to take action. To be local is to belong.

A community is defined as a group of people living in the same place or a feeling of fellowship as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. We share the same space and we all, regardless of our differences, want the same thing: a safe place to live a healthy life with abundant opportunities for all.

Connecting communities across Collin County, we are Local.

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