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Man, Looking For Prostitution, Arrested For Attempting To Enter Woman's Home

The woman said around 25 men have visited her home
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Screenshot: CBSDFW | YouTube

Just a month after a Plano retiree shared her experience of men showing up at her house looking for sex workers, a man was arrested for opening her door in a possible attempt to enter her home.

On Jan. 25, NBCDFW reported that Plano resident Elaine White was “fed up” with men coming to her home, looking for women using multiple names, non of which were residents of White’s home. According to White, the constant visits from “Johns” have been going on since last year. 

She explained she does not know why men were being sent to her home looking for sex workers, but in an attempt to keep the men away, she put out a sign outside of her home that says, "Kelly does not live here."

“I’m frustrated. I’m irritated and I’m beyond done,” White told NBC at that time.

But the problem continued. This time, a man not only came to her home but also tried to open her door. On Feb. 19, Plano police arrived at White’s home after a man looking for “Rose” opened White’s front door.

Since NBC’s first report, Plano police installed video surveillance systems and signs outside the woman's home. But the man still attempted to enter the house.

Once Plano police arrived at her home, White wanted to press charges against the man for attempted burglary. Plano Public Information Officer Jennifer Chapman told Local Profile the man has not yet been charged, but police are continuing to investigate the incidents.

“They are trying to find the original poster of the ad,” Chapman explained.

Police believe that the men are being lured to the home while attempting to find sex workers through the internet, but do not know who is behind the ruse. White said one of the man's co-workers told her he paid for service through "Thai Massage of North Dallas," which does not exist and shared a phone number that is not in service.

Plano police have increased their presence in the area and will have police checking in with White on a regular basis to ensure safety.