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McKinney Pharmacist Given Best Pharmacist Influencer Award

Ojageer works at Walgreen at 4994 W. University Drive McKinney, Texas
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Photo: RxSense

Despite a nationwide pharmacist shortage, McKinney pharmacist Sue Ojageer was awarded the “Best Pharmacist Influencer” award. Her social media has brought education and advice to her followers and she hopes to serve her patients in person and online. 

SingleCare recently shared their pharmacy award winners. From New Mexico to Alabama, pharmacists that have gone above and beyond were recognized for their quality performance in 2022. But right here in Collin County, Walgreen pharmacist Ojageer won the influencer award for her over-the-top performance.

Ojageer and her colleagues work hard to fill around 400 to 500 prescriptions every day, but still, take the time to get to know every person who visits the pharmacy. She believes that personal relationships are important at any place of business and hopes to continue to build those connections. 

“Throughout my years of working, I’ve noticed a change in my profession, especially in the retail setting. I chose to become a pharmacist because I wanted to be the most accessible healthcare professional for my patients,” Ojageer said. “But many brick-and-mortar locations are scaling back and patients are still looking for that relationship with their pharmacist. They want that dedicated time to review their medications and they’re very appreciative of my passion in retaining this pharmacist-patient relationship.”

Ojageer was given the award because of her work in and out of the pharmacy, as she also works as a functional medicine specialist who runs the holistic healthcare website PharmaSue. Genome testing and nutrition-based healthcare are some of the services provided.  

“I wanted to be someone who people could get to know. I wanted to build a relationship with them and gain their trust,” Ojageer said. “Everyone’s definition of health is different and I work with my patients to define what they consider to be ideal health and what steps are realistic in achieving it.”

To learn more about Ojageer and her award visit, or follow her on Instagram.