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MedStar Will Take Kids With Medical Restrictions Treat-Or-Treating

Nominate a child for a ride through Fort Worth on a fully-decorated ambulance
Photo courtesy of MedStar

Halloween is such a kids' holiday. The costumes, candies, the frights, it all screams childish fun. But the trick-or-treating window is a rather short one, once kids transition to adolescence it becomes a part of the festivities they are no longer involved in. 

That is exactly why it’s so important for children to participate as much as they can while that window is still open. But for some, the need for medical support sure makes things trickier.

In Fort Worth, MedStar has been taking children with special medical needs trick-or-treating for nine years and nominations are open for this season’s ride. They are offering kids and their families a ride on a fully decorated ambulance that will escort them through a specially selected Fort Worth neighborhood where they’ll be able to frighten residents until their goody bags are full.

To ensure children are safe during the whole process, MedStar will pick kids and their families up at their homes, or the hospital if they are staying in a medical facility and then they will be escorted with full medical support all the trick-or-treaty way and then back home. 

To nominate a child for this event, take into account the following conditions: The child must live, permanently or temporarily within the MedStar service area; kids’ age should be between 5 and 15; children and their families will need to sign a media release agreement and share their experience; children staying at medical facilities can apply, but MedStar will need to coordinate with the facility to ensure the process is feasible. 

For all cases, MedStar will make the final determination of clinical appropriateness for the ride, sometimes the whole process is too risky.

If you think your special child is eligible contact  Matt Zavadsky at [email protected] or by phone/text at 817-991-4487. Nominations will be open until October 18 and the event will take place on October 29, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. 

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