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North Texas Entrepreneur To Open New Online Prep School

Based in Addison, the school will focus on accelerated students
Photo: Maria Symchych | Shutterstock

North Texas entrepreneur, Randall Reiners, announced the launch of the Dominion Preparatory school program to serve a range of accelerating students. Dominion Prep’s classes will begin with the Winter semester on December 1, 2022.

The idea from the school came from Reiners' belief that public school systems with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality may not meet the needs of accelerated students and Dominion will focus on helping high-achieving students grow.

Before classes begin, Reiners is looking to hire educators that share his beliefs. Teachers will be provided with a prepared curriculum, course plans and testing. The class sizes will stay small and will range from one to 20 students. 

According to a press release, Dominion will use a mastery program driven by “face-to-face Socratic learning”. The program will operate remotely using the Dominion Prep Learning system, which will include video conferencing, parental access to classes and custom developed curriculum. 

“Students with a proven record of above-average achievement are eligible, so classes are offered from grades four through twelve, with dual enrollment college courses,” the release explains. 

But this school differs in the way teachers do their jobs. Teachers have the opportunity to work part-time, making it an ideal position for those who may have left the profession but are looking to return to their careers. The idea came from the was the pandemic changed the way we see education. 

“Businesses must change with the environment, technology, society and government issues, but schools don’t change,” Reiners said in an official statement. “We’re taking the lessons we’ve learned, new innovations in education, and applying them to this new post-COVID world we live in - so students everywhere can adapt and reach their full potential.”

In lieu of teacher shortages across the country, this school's design may give educators the opportunity to have more freedom in their roles as educators.