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Plano Bar Receiving Threats After Viral Video Of Drag Performance

The video showed a child in the audience
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Photo: Local Profile

A Plano bar is facing threats after hosting a drag brunch on October 15. The scrutiny comes after a video of the drag brunch went viral.

The video shows a drag queen lip-syncing raunchy lyrics and lifting their dress to the music. A young child can be seen watching the show. The video circulated onTwitter and  was incorrectly labled as an “all ages” event. The tweet blew up with thousands of comments, some individuals called the show “perverted” but others defended the cocktail bar for hosting the event.

One Twitter user shared the event's official flier which stated, “We believe it is the prerogative of parents/guardians to make decisions regarding the wellbeing of their children. If you would not allow your children to see a Rated R movie or watch TV-MA programming, this is not the event for them.”

According to The Dallas Morning News, Ebb & Flow on Legacy Drive is now receiving negative feedback and threats from individuals who saw the video online. Owner Dallas Hale explained that he expected some blowback from hosting the event. 

“We’re getting hate mail and stuff like that, but it’s nothing I didn’t expect,” Hale told The Dallas Morning News. “When you go with the First Amendment on things, people get this way. I knew it was coming; I saw it at other locations and it wasn’t anything that made me nervous in any way, shape or form.”

This is not the only North Texas restaurant facing heat for hosting drag shows. Local Profile previously reported on a Disney-themed drag brunch on September 8 at Cool Beans in Denton. The bar and grill received threatening phone calls and online comments, prompting the bar and grill to cancel the event to ensure safety. 

“I think it’s very sad that someone brought a ticket just to come in and try to shut down a business,” Hale said. “It’s ridiculous.”

Despite the threats and negative comments, Ebb & Flow will continue to hold events such as these in the future. 

Local Profile repeatedly reached out to Ebb & Flow, but the bar would not comment further.