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Plano Flags Of Honor Event To Honor Both Veterans And First Responders

1,111 full-sized American flags will be on display in honor of the heroes that served for this nation
Photo: City of Plano

The Rotary Club of Plano East and the city of Plano have announced that they will once again be honoring the nation's veterans and first responders with the sixth annual Plano Flags of Honor event.

This year, the North Texas community event will display 1,111 full-sized American flags to honor the veterans who have served the nation. Hanging from each American flag will be a dedication card that will tell the story of the heroes that devoted their services to the country and to others. According to the Rotary Club of Plano East, each story is provided by members of the community to honor their friends and loved ones.

The event will present 1,111 American flags to pay tribute to the Armistice treaty — the treaty that marked the end of WWI — which was signed at the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month. This important day would come to be known as Veteran's Day.

“The Plano Flags of Honor manifests itself as something we can see and touch when we remember those who have served our nation and our communities,” Rotarian and Marine Corps Captain Ean Sullivan said.

In addition, the program will also be featuring a Safety Fair and a Touch-A-Truck event, which will showcase the city of Plano's first responders.

The Plano Flags of Honor event will take place on November 5-12, 2022, at the Red Tail Pavilion at Oak Point in Plano, Texas. The Safety Fair and Touch-A-Truck event will be happening on Nov. 5, 2022.

The Rotary Club of Plano East explained that it has planned many other additional events scheduled for the week of Nov. 5-12 to honor the nation's veterans and first responders. Some of these events include musical performances, park luncheons, a car show, a medal presentation and much more.

To learn more about the Plano Flags of Honor event and the other events happening during Veteran's Day week, click here.