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Plano And Frisco Ranked The Best Cities For Remote Work

A new study compared 200 cities to find which are most work-from-home friendly
Photo: Creative Lab | Shutterstock

Working from home has become the reality for many and two North Texas cities were just ranked the best for it. Plano and Frisco are officially the top cities for remote workers. 

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we do daily things, and businesses especially had to adjust. Working from home became the new normal, and many workers began to enjoy the freedom of working remotely. A study by Lawn Starter showed the top cities for remote work for 2023. 

Plano ranked sixth out of two hundred and Frisco ranked third for workspace with the city having spacious homes and broadband coverage. The North Texas areas also ranked highly because of their location close to the big cities if there are days you have to commute to the office. 

In fact, most of the top cities can be found in the South. Whether you are tired of a nagging boss, or want to spend more time lounging in the sun, North Texas has made it possible to do just that.  

Here are the top five:

1. Plano, Texas
2. Frisco, Texas
3. Tampa, Florida
4. Atlanta, Georgia
4. Seattle, Washington

Two hundred cities were considered in the ranking and North Texas seems like the ideal workspace for remote workers. The study looked at factors such as workspace, affordability and financial initiative to determine the best and worst cities for remote workers. According to Lawn Starter, “Spacious homes, the highest broadband coverage, and low crime all boosted the city’s score. However, Plano really stands out in financial metrics.” The city also has the 10th most affordable rent and no state income tax.

If it's your dream to work from home while you work on a tan, Plano and Frisco are the best places to be. Just be careful not to drop your laptop in the pool!