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Plano ISD Students Hold Walkout In Support Of Allen Victims

Students from high schools all across the district asked for gun control legislation
Photo: Sheila Fitzgerald | Shutterstock

On May 10, 2023, four days after Saturday’s mass shooting at a mall in Allen, Plano ISD students organized a walkout in support of victims and to protest gun violence. 

Through a social media account, students have been planning actions to coordinately protest several issues such as harassment, racism and even assault. On the social media account, students find tips to safely protest at their own campuses and are encouraged to share their stories to bring awareness on different topics.

On Tuesday, the account shared a post with information for student demonstrations at Plano West High School, Plano Senior High School and Plano East High School. “I am so proud of the students all around Plano ISD,” reads the post’s caption. “Please tell as many students as you can, this is so important to show our district that we are paying attention and that we care about our safety.”

The walkout comes after multiple Collin County school districts reported threats against them on social media. 

"It impacted a lot of people," Preston LeBlanc, a junior at Plano Senior High told WFAA in reference to the Allen Premium Outlets shooting. "You can see it everywhere. Anywhere. If you go next door and talk to anyone, they were impacted somehow." 

Student demonstrations are a common occurrence following high-profile mass shootings. Just weeks prior to the shooting in Allen, students from all across the country organized a national walkout to demand gun control legislation with the support of teachers. Many Uvalde victims’ parents showed up in support of the students, which led to altercations with the Uvalde police.

“It’s not fair at all, especially because this wasn’t as big of a problem even a decade ago, and now it’s gotten so bad,” LeBlanc said. 

According to a tweet by Students Demand Action, an organization that aims at turning “outrage into action and organizing to end gun violence in America,” more walkouts could occur on Thursday, May 11.

“Texas lawmakers continue to ignore the “mass-shooting generation” and put gun industry profits before our lives. Make your voices heard: Learn how to organize a school walkout!” reads the social media call to action.