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Plano Parks And Recreation Asks Residents To Help Create A New Master Plan

The website allows residents to add their own ideas
Photo: Trong Nguyen | Shutterstock

The city of Plano is currently in the process of updating its Plano Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Master Plan, which has not been reevaluated since 2018. The city is asking residents to offer their ideas and input through a virtual open house-style tour.

The online program serves to allow residents to offer their input on future parks and recreation needs in Plano as a new master plan is in the works. The website also gives residents information on the Parks and Recreation Department as a whole and gives detail on what a new master plan will feature for residents.

The Plano Parks and Recreation Department, as well as the city of Plano, hopes to include those who live in Plano in the new plan in order to get multiple perspectives from the individuals that use the parks and amenities frequently.

“As Plano continues to grow and evolve, the city must continue to evaluate public parks, recreation amenities and programs,” one slide states.

The new platform has multiple areas to “visit,” each with information regarding the new plan. Information such as frequently asked questions, engagement opportunities and plan purpose. The goal of the website is not only to educate but also to allow residents to submit their own input on what they hope the master plan will include. 

At each of the visiting areas website users can select where they believe improvement is needed. The Parks and Recreation Department can then use that information when creating the master plan.

“The city of Plano would like your input to help determine park and recreation priorities as a part of the city's parks master lan five-year update,” said the parks survey.

To learn more about the new master plan visit the master plan virtual open house. To subit your own ideas or input visit the survey