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Plano Police Investigating Possible Hate Crime

Racial slurs were spray-painted on homes and vehicles
Photo: Mike_shots | Shutterstock

The Plano Police Department is investigating a possible hate crime in a Plano neighborhood. Racial slurs and Biblical references were spray-painted on several vehicles and homes in a subdivision near Independence Parkway and Parker Road.

NBC 5 reported that on Dec. 29, resident Stephanie Cruz woke to find the shed behind her home was broken into and tools and spray paint were missing. After further inspection, Cruz noticed multiple cars and garage doors were vandalized with spray paint. The graffiti in the neighborhood included multiple racial slurs and bible references.

"The sun was coming up, we noticed everything was tagged," Cruz said. "It was bad.”

Police have not identified the suspect, but a video was caught by a neighbor’s Ring camera that showed a white teenage male covering the camera with the spray paint, but not before showing his face to the camera. NBC 5 released the video to the public.

“The vandalism that did occur, unfortunately, there were racial slurs that was written on houses, cars and other property," detective Jerry Minton told NBC 5. "It doesn’t seem to be targeting one particular individual.”

Plano Police told NBC 5 that the case is currently being considered criminal mischief, but the charge would change if detectives determine the crime to be motivated by hate. Local Profile has contacted the Plano Police Department in regard to how detectives would classify the crime as a hate crime and this story will be updated pending response.

Police do not believe the suspect was targeting one person in particular, but will continue to investigate the incident. If you recognize the individual in the video or have information about the crime call the Plano Police Department at (972) 424-5678