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Plano Ranked Second Best City To Drive In

The study looked at 100 cities to determine which were the best and the worst
Photo: Pushish Images | Shutterstock

A study by WalletHub found that Plano ranked second nationally for the best city to drive in. Factors such as road quality, gas prices, traffic, safety and access to vehicles determined the best and worst cities for drivers. 

WalletHub collected this information by comparing the 100 largest cities across 30 indicators to determine which cities were best for drivers. 

According to the Bureau of Transportation Services (BTS), 87% of daily trips and 91% of individuals commuting to work use personal vehicles. The BTS also found that Americans take 1.1 billion trips every day, which comes out to an average of four for every person. 

The study by WalletHub also discussed that traffic congestion is a major factor in wasted time and fuel. Every driver wastes about $564 every year on money wasted stuck in traffic. But long wait times are not the only issue facing many Americans. Road quality is a problem for many and can easily make one's driving experience far less enjoyable, not to mention the damage to cars bad roads can cause. WalletHub explained, “America’s highways and bridges are underfunded overall, with a backlog of hundreds of billions of dollars in repairs needed.”

Plano ranked second overall best city for drivers with high rankings in cost and safety. But the city ranked 37 out of 100 when it comes to traffic and infrastructure, and 32 out of 100 for access to vehicles and maintenance. 

“One of the best ways to save on gas is to not have to buy it at all or at least to use less of it,” said Director of the Center for Transporation Kyle Shelton. “If you can walk, bike, roll, rideshare, or take public transportation for a particular trip, that will save you money on gas.”

Plano was beaten by Raleigh, North Carolina when it comes to the ranking, as safety, cost and traffic were slightly better than the North Texas city. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Detroit, Michigan were found to be the worst cities for drivers in the U.S. 

Driving is a necessity for many, but it often causes a great deal of stress. Fortunately, those who live and work in Plano have an easier time getting around.