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First Look At Plano’s Upcoming Collin Creek Park

The City of Plano is taking feedback from residents to help them plan the new park
Photo: LightField Studios | Shutterstock

After Collin Creek Mall closed its doors in 2019, the city worked with Centurion American Development Group, the company leading the $1 billion redevelopment project, to set aside an area that was deemed underserved by the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

In a YouTube clip, Justin Sparks, a landscape architect with design consulting firm Studio 13 Design Group, explained the ambitious plan for the 4.5-acre lot located just north of Plano Parkway at the intersection of US 75 and President Bush Tpke. The project would include a shelter space, information and fitness areas as well as an open space and a playground.

The City of Plano's plan for Collin Creek Park
Justin Sparks shows the planned location of the park's amenities. Screenshot: Justin Sparks | Youtube

One of the city’s ideas is to expand the Chisholm hike and bike trail that currently ends at the northeast corner of the development. The trail will access the entry plaza through the southeast corner and will be complemented by fitness areas which might include an obstacle course and calisthenic park elements.

Sparks also described the vision for the play area as a place that’s inclusive, educational and multigenerational, and where the whole family can enjoy charming features such as play sculptures as well as traditional playground elements like slides and swings. The expectation is the playground will be a social platform, where all ages are welcome.

If you are looking for a place to kick the ball or throw your frisbee around, Collin Creek Park also has you covered. The northeast corner of the park will provide the perfect spot for a quality open space that can also function as a community event area. 

Maybe you are a more quiet kind of person, well you’d be right at home in the private meditation zone that’s designed for relaxing, talking or people-watching. The sector would include comfortable sitting options (maybe a hammock or two!) surrounded by native flora for a perfectly relaxing space.

Right now the project is in the first phase and the city encourages residents to take part in the park planning by providing feedback and ideas on how to enhance their experience outdoors.