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Q&A With Local Politicians: Candy Noble

Noble is a Republican running for Texas House of Representative House District 89
Candy Noble headshot
Photo: Candy Noble | Headshot

The election is quickly approaching. Voters deserve to know who their candidates are and what they represent. Up until election day, Local Profile will publish Q&A with politicians running for this year's election. 

What position are you running for and why?

I’m running for re-election to the Texas House of Representatives, District 89. I am so proud of Texas, grateful for the opportunities that growing up here provided me and want the same future and opportunities for my children and grandchildren. I believe that Texas can only stay successful and prosperous with a government that is limited to core functions and allows individual Texans to innovate and live out their own Texas dreams.

What policies do you hope to enact and why?

First, it is important to me that we use the unused sales taxes collected as a state to buy down property taxes for everyone. As a fiscal conservative, I am glad we have a population plus inflation cap on our state spending. Therefore, unutilized collections should go to a fund for school property taxes (the largest portion of everyone’s property taxes). I’ve been working along with other legislators on a plan that, over the next several years, will completely eliminate the Maintenance and Operations portion of our school taxes.

Equally important is protecting our most vulnerable Texans with Foster Care reform. Our foster children deserve the most stable and loving placements possible. The care that is most able to pivot, innovate, and recruit new foster families is best done at the local level (not in Austin), and I’m working to make sure this change in our system happens as quickly as possible.

What are the biggest challenges facing your district?

Both rapid growth and aging or outdated infrastructure.

How will your policies affect North Texas as a whole?

All of North Texas is facing the same issues: rapid growth, rising costs of living here and transportation needs. Keeping government spending as limited as possible, while providing for roads and public safety will allow for our successes as a region to continue.

What are the biggest challenges facing Texas?

The federal government’s failure to protect our border is costing us as Texans. We have spent billions of our Texas tax dollars, that could have gone to education or roads, but instead are being used to protect our citizens. We need the federal government to step up and do their constitutionally mandated job of securing our border.

How is your district changing?

The more established parts of Allen and Plano are facing aging roads and infrastructure needs, while most of the rest of the district (which extends all the way to the Hunt County line) is exploding with new development and fast-growing school districts. 

What book that you’ve read has had the biggest impact on you?

I love reading the Bible. I read it every single day, and it gives me strength, wisdom and guidance in my life and work.

What does the future hold for your district and for Texas?

I’m excited about the future of Texas House District 89. We have it all: wonderful communities, excellent schools, retail, manufacturing, and farms with the nicest, kindest, hardest working folks in Texas. The best of Texas innovation is coming out of our area, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Local Profile will continue to release Q&A segments with politicians running for various positions in this upcoming election.