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Republicans And Democrats Eye Collin County For November’s Legislative Races

Even though the Republican majority looks safe, both parties see high stakes in the upcoming legislative elections
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Collin County’s House District 70, which includes sections of Plano, Allen and Richardson, is one of the three districts both Republicans and Democrats consider a high priority for the legislative races. Both parties are paying close attention to some key areas that could be fundamental to political growth in the long run.

Democrats and Republicans are considering this district
House District 70. Mihaela Plesa | Website

In March, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), stated their top priority this year was defending the Republican legislative majority, and that includes Texas. 

Collin County, traditionally a conservative stronghold, emerged as a battleground in the 2020 elections when Democrats tried to seize control of the Texas House. The presidential election’s results showed that the district is becoming somewhat purplish with 51% of the votes going to the GOP and 47% to the Democratic Party. 

And this is something candidates for House District 70 keep in mind today. In 2022 HD-70 was redrawn, and under the new boundaries, Biden would’ve carried the district by an 11-point margin, making it Democrats’ best pick-up opportunity. Still, given that 2022 will be the midterms and taking into account the district’s redder history, we’ll have to wait and see how the election plays out.

According to the CBSDFW, when asked about the difficulties Democrats face attracting independents and undecided voters, Beto O’Rourke said, “We go to where the voters are and it doesn't matter how red or blue their county supposedly is," he said. "You're going to see us in Waxahachie. You're going to see us in Grayson County, you're going to see us in Bonham. You're going to see us in Collin and Denton County, two counties rapidly turning blue but not quickly enough if we don't show up."

As of now, both parties have some work to do to flip voters and ensure a victory in the upcoming November elections.