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Shaq Is Already Doing Good Deeds In North Texas

Carrollton’s newest resident is taking the time to help his new community
Photo: Ron Adar | Shutterstock

If you’re running errands in the DFW area, keep your eyes peeled because a friendly 7-foot-one-inch neighbor might give you a hand. Since realtor Zac Gideo announced on his Instagram account that Shaquille O’Neal found a home in Collin County, local sightings of the basketball icon are on the rise.

Six Page reported yesterday, July 6, that while shopping at an electronic store in Dallas, O’Neal got to chatting with a couple of customers who were looking for a washing machine. Somehow, the conversation ended with the NBA legend buying the washing machine for them and a 70’’ TV for good measure. When asked about this generous gesture by Six Pages, O’Neal simply said “I just want to make people happy.”

Another appearance of the Los Angeles Lakers champ happened yesterday when he approached a woman in need to give her a meal and money. Earlier this year, O’Neal participated as a special guest for the annual fundraiser to support St. Philip’s School and Community Center in Dallas, sharing his wisdom with the incredulous group of students and parents. There, he said his mother, Lucille O’Neal, is his role model for his philanthropic activities and drive to help communities around the country.

These are not isolated occurrences either. The basketball Hall of Famer is known for his generosity. There are countless instances where O’Neal has paid for strangers' stuff at stores. In an interview for his TNT show he said, “Whenever I go to the store from now on, I’m buying somebody else something.” And he puts his money where his mouth is: When approached by a fan who asked him when would someone produce a line of affordable sneakers, O’Neal ended his Reebok endorsement deal and became that someone with his own line of affordable kicks. 

So stay alert, you might come across a generous giant on your next trip to the grocery store.