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5 Things To Know About The Plano City Council Meeting - 9/12/2022

A number of items on the agenda were passed and several residents spoke their mind
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The eight Plano City Council members, including Mayor John Muns, met on September 12 to discuss a number of proposals and heard public comments. The city council members are elected at-large.

Here are the five things you need to know:

Approval Of Purchases 

During the consent agenda section council voted on several purchases for the city. 

  • Towing and storage rates for service to Jordan Towing INC. 
    Estimated at $6,000
  • Renewal for temporary water waste services collection for environmental waste services to A27 Staffing Solutions 
    Estimated at $820,000
  • Screening wall replacement for the engineering department to Ratliff Hardscape 
    Estimated at $1,103,320
  • Caterpillar Model 906 wheel loader for compost operations
    Estimated at $137,063
  • 2 Caterpillar Model 420 backhoe loaders for streets and utility operations 
    Estimated at $312,924
  • Side loader refuse truck for environmental waste collections
    Estimated at $317,403 

Council voted unanimously to approve all of these purchases. 

Consider And Adopt The Community Investment Program 

This ordinance would approve and adopt the capital improvement projects in the Community Investment Program (CIP) to be completed or undertaken in 2022-23 and set the level of appropriations for the various funds. The item has no financial impact as it only sets CIP appropriations. The city council voted unanimously to pass. 

Public Hearing For Proposed Tax Rate 

The proposed tax rate of $0.4176 per $100 of taxable value for the fiscal year 2022-23 was discussed and considered. Although a public hearing is not required, the city council encouraged citizens to comment on the proposed tax rate and a public hearing was scheduled. No one spoke during the public hearing in regards to supporting or disapproving of the new rate. The city council voted unanimously to pass. 

To Approve And Adopt The Tax Rate 

Council voted to approve and adopt the tax rate for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2022, terminating on September 30, 2023 and providing an effective date. The first public hearing on the issue was held on August 22 and the second public hearing was held at this week's meeting. The tax rate will be separated into $0.3026 for operation and maintenance and $0.1150 for General Obligation Debt. The city council voted unanimously to pass. 

Public Comment

At every city council meeting, a public comment section is set on the agenda in order for members of the Plano community to speak to council members about any issues they face. The city council does not vote on these issues but may consider adding the issue to a later meeting.

Community member Dillion Rafaty, founder, president and chairman of the North Texas Disability Chamber, discussed National Disability Voting Rights Week. He also announced that Rick Grady is being awarded a public service award for his work for the disability community. 

Another member of the community spoke about her concern with second-hand smoke and asked the council to consider passing an ordinance to prevent individuals from inhaling cigarette smoke unwillingly. 

Plano City Council meetings are held every second and fourth Monday of the month. To watch the full meeting visit the Plano City Council website