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This Week Is Going To Be Really, Really Hot

The National Weather Service announced excessive heat warnings
Photo: gornostay | Shutterstock

Another hot week is ahead of us in North Texas with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees every day. After announcing an excessive heat warning for Sunday and Monday on Saturday, the National Weather Service has extended the warning through Wednesday due to near-record temperatures forecasted for Monday and Tuesday.

To stay safe during the heat the NWS reminds residents to take precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses. Stay inside with the AC on, drink water and limit outdoor activities, especially during peak hours. If outside, citizens should apply sunscreen regularly, drink plenty of water, keep water bottles at hand and dress in lightweight, light-colored clothing and hats. If you leave the car, please check the backseat to make sure there are no children or pets getting locked inside.

The NWS also warned about the elevated threat of wildfires due to the severe drought we are currently facing pairing up with breezy conditions this week. CBS DFW reported that Sunday marked the 44th consecutive day without measurable rain in the DFW area. Even though a weak storm front is heading North Texas by Thursday, it won’t be the heavy rain that people have been waiting for and most will probably miss out. 

Hot week ahead according to the NWS Fort Worth
NWS Fort Worth safety tips for the sweltering heat. Image: NWS Fort Worth | Twitter

So far, North Texas is behind the paces set by 2011 and 1980. Currently, there have been 20 days at or above 100 degrees, while in 2011 Texas reached 71 days. Although we haven’t matched the all-time records (yet), worried experts can’t help but make comparisons, and there’s still plenty more summer to tell how it’ll play out. 

For now, it’s best to play it safe and stay inside or visit your city’s cooling stations while outside to catch a break from the sweltering heat and keep in mind the outdoor burn bans to prevent wildfires.