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City Of McKinney Announced Towne Lake Park's Renovation Plans

The new design will include features to make the park more resilient to flooding
Towne Lake Concept Images 7
Photo courtesy of the city of McKinney

Good news McKinney residents and visitors! On Thursday, November 3, the city announced the approval of a multi-year master plan for a renovation of Towne Lake Park. The new vision includes more trails, a new performance pavilion, new and better access to the lake, illuminated forest areas and the city’s second dog park, all while preserving the park’s natural beauty and signature features.

“For generations, Towne Lake Park has been an important gathering spot for our community and has embodied the very best that our parks system offers,” Michael Kowski, director of the Parks and Recreation department said in a statement. “Today, we are excited to reinvest in this beautiful place to make sure that it remains a celebrated landmark that delivers a truly unique experience for all users.”

According to the announcement, the new developments are designed to be more resilient to flooding, which has known to be a recurring problem in the area.

In April, heavy rains caused flash flooding at the lake, as a consequence water covered a parking lot, trails and roads. At the time the McKinney fire department’s special operations team conducted three water rescues in one night, and four people had to be rescued after cars were swept away. The new design will also relocate the parking lot as well as include elevated boardwalks and bridges crossing the lake and a treetop pavilion.

The first phase of work is currently in design and will start east of the existing diamond fields where the community’s second dog park will be located with extra parking space and play areas planned. Additionally, the design will feature new trails connecting the Senior Recreation Center and Senior Pool and space for food truck stations will be available for visitors.

The date for the beginning of development hasn’t been released yet.