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Wylie, Texas Weightlifter Is Headed To The World Championship

Wylie, Texas Weightlifter Is Headed To The World Championship The competition begins December 5 in Bogota, Colombia
Photo: Team USA

Wylie native, Jourdan Delacruz, is one of the world’s top weightlifting competitors. The 2022 world championships will be her first global competition since the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The 2022 IWF World Championships is set to begin on December 5-16 in Bogota, Colombia and Delacruz has a lot to prove. Her first Olympic competition in Tokyo did not end as expected when she was unable to execute any of her clean-and-jerk attempts. She placed third in the snatch and had a strong position to possibly earn her first Olympic medal. But her Olympic experience ended and she did not earn a placement.

According to Team USA, the competition is important for Delacruz, but also for all of the U.S. athletes. In addition to competing for world titles, this is the first of seven events where they can accumulate qualifying points toward the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

“This year has been pretty much about getting back into an Olympics mode after everything last year,” Delacruz told Team USA. “I finally feel my body, and all the other aspects, are in the right spaces en route to building for this next quad. I’m going to worlds just wanting to showcase what I can do.” 

The IWF World Championship will be Delacruz’s first global competition since the Olympic Games in Tokyo. She has had major success in competitions such as the Pan American Championships with an American record.

“It’s about finding the joy and happiness in the hard work.” Said Delacruz in a statement. “The reality is, you may not always be rewarded or have the ability to do what you want to do. I’m more in tune with those realities now, after a lot of hard work. I’m really happy right now.”

Delacruz took the past two years to reset her mind and body experience and has been working with sports psychologists. She has also worked on her physical body to get the proper care it needs by training more efficiently and taking enough recovery time. 

Delacruz is also working her way through college, majoring in dietetics online at the University of Northern Colorado.