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Anna, Texas Seeks Community Input On New Playground Design

Residents are invited to vote on playground designs for Natural Springs Park

The city of Anna, Texas, invites residents to participate in an exciting initiative to develop Natural Springs Park's playground. Officials are seeking public input on nine captivating designs to shape the park's future.

Residents can vote on their preferred playground design through a public input survey accessible via the provided link. By participating, you are helping design the Natural Springs Park, creating a vibrant and beloved recreational space that reflects the community.

Residents are encouraged to review the detailed presentation slides of each design before casting their votes. 

This collaborative effort aims to ensure the playground reflects the diverse desires and needs of the community, fostering inclusivity and engagement. 

While the renderings showcase features like tree house towers, slides, climbers and tube slides, it's important to note that the project doesn't involve planting new trees. There are existing trees surrounding where the playground will be built, discrepancies between the renderings and actual vegetation should be considered.

To contribute to the decision-making process, visit the survey link provided: vote now.

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