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6 Best Frisco Patios for Fruity Drinks in Good Weather

Are you a Frisco resident looking for somewhere local to enjoy a fruity drink (hopefully, alcoholic if you’re of age after the year we’ve all been through) and sit outside in the sunshine? Well, look no further! Here are the best Frisco patio restaur

Are you a Frisco resident looking for somewhere local to enjoy a fruity drink (hopefully, alcoholic if you’re of age after the year we’ve all been through) and sit outside in the sunshine? 

Well, look no further! Here are the best Frisco patio restaurants. 

TruFire Kitchen & Bar

For all of you wine lovers out there, you will love TruFire Kitchen & Bar. Not only does this restaurant have an outdoor patio, but they serve their red wine between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit and the whites between 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit. According to their website, doing so makes the wine reach its “full flavor potential.”

TruFire is known as being a tried and true place for many that has incredible food. And, according to the reviews, the wait staff is super friendly, which is always a nice bonus. 

“Top spot for outdoor dining in Frisco: a real courtyard, not just a railing in a parking lot,” Doug Bloebaum wrote in a Google Review. “The Board platter is always good, and every salad I've tried has been unique and tasty.”

6959 Lebanon Rd. Ste. #114, Frisco | | 214.872.3830

sushi marquee frisco patio restaurant
Sushi Marquee | Photo by Harout Yerganian

Sushi Marquee

Craving sushi and an outdoor patio experience? Sushi Marquee in Frisco is the place for you.

The restaurant's second-story patio gives guests a view of the Dallas Cowboys headquarters district. Like the restaurants in The Star, it was built to offer a premier outdoor experience.

Reviewers say Sushi Marquee has a great atmosphere and even better sushi. It’s also known for playing throwback tunes from the '80s and '90s. And as an interesting bonus — it’s owned by Brad Hawkins, who used to play one of the Power Rangers. 

Heather Gill’s Google Review shortly and sweetly sums Sushi Marquee up: “The sushi is exquisite and their open patio has wonderful views!”

3625 The Star Blvd. Ste. #315, Frisco | | 972.833.1608

Gloria’s Latin Cuisine

Gloria’s Latin Cuisine has all of the staple Salvadorian and Tex-Mex favorites. But it also has, according to Paul Leonard’s Google Review, “the best patio in town” and sits by a nearby park so your kids can play while you eat, drink and relax in the sun. 

And huge bonus — reviewers say the food and drinks are incredible, especially their margaritas and mojitos. 

“LOVE this restaurant!” Starling Reid wrote in a Google Review. “This restaurant's food and service is top-notch. It is always worth any waiting we must do. The patio is fabulous. The grilled salmon is wonderful. The cheese pupusas are to die for. I LOVE this place and would recommend it to anyone!”

8600 Gaylord Pkwy., Frisco | | 972.668.1555

best outdoor frisco patios
Cocktails at MASH’D in Frisco. | Courtesy of MASH’D’s website.


After dealing with a global pandemic for over a year now, we could all use a seven-day happy hour. Thankfully, MASH’D offers just that. Monday-Sunday between 3-6 p.m., you can get your drink on for a low price at MASH’D. 

And speaking of drinks, you can enjoy yours at MASH’D on their shaded, outdoor patio. MASH’D is known for its food, drinks, service and laid-back atmosphere.

“I gotta say this place lives up [to] every bit of the hype it gets,” IO wrote in a Google Review. “I’m fully onboard this hype train. Food was excellent. Drinks were excellent. Service was excellent. I will definitely be back.”

3401 Preston Road Suite #1, Frisco | | 214.618.9440

Frisco best patios
Didi Downtown’s outdoor patio in Frisco. | Courtesy of Didi Downtown’s Facebook page.

Didi’s Downtown

Didi’s Downtown has it all, from live music to outdoor patios to scratch-made food. The restaurant’s owner and chef Scott Hoffner has served as a personal chef to multiple NBA and NFL players in the DFW area. So if that doesn’t tell you the food is good, I don’t know what will. 

The restaurant’s patio is amazing and, combined with the live music, has an outstanding atmosphere. 

“Great food, great service and great drinks!” Mary M. wrote in a Google Review. “Love the outdoor area with live music.”

7210 W. Main St., Frisco | | 469.888.4020

best frisco patios
The Heritage Table | Photo by Stephanie Tann

The Heritage Table

One of best Frisco patios is actually a porch. The Heritage Table is found inside a stunning 1917 house located on Main Street in Frisco. The expansive wrap-around patio offers lots of outdoor seating, with lights strung from the ceiling, and wooden swings.

Friends gather at Heritage Table for drinks like the Cocomo with spiced rum, coconut, mango, amaretto and lime, and fizzy mules, which are always most refreshing in the sunlight.

"The Heritage Table is easily in my top five for Dallas." Chase Nelson wrote on Google Reviews. "I haven't been impressed like this is quite some time. The food is awesome, the farm to table aspects make it even more impressive."

7110 Main St., Frisco | | 469.664.0100